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MM, 15 Jul 2019Eric, funnily, I have the very same problems after 2 years - scr... moreI agree, the phone ix excellent when new but in one year time it may deteriorate.
My experience: main camera has no autofocus. I changed it and the image is still blurred.
I had to change also the fingerprint button. The volume button failed to, then after pressing it several times it started working again.
Ghost images on the screen are common.

  • Anonymous

There's been 2 years since I bought LG G5 SE and I was pretty happy whit it, but then the problems started to pop up. First there was an annoying message when the device turns on " Warning! Your device has failed verification and may not work properly" . After a while I wasn't able to record a video and battery life became miserable. I have to charge it 3-4 times a day even though I'm using phone with no heavy usage.

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for 2.5 years now and it is time for a replacement. It worked excellent, camera was really good (love the wide angle), finger print scanner is super fast, love having notification led and it has fast charge. Quickly i had the ghosting/pixel burn, however i wasnt really bothered. Now for the last 6ish months, it dies around 25-15%. Headphone jack is iffy, thought it was my headphones but nope, it only works in a certain angle now. Camera is buggy and it takes a couple seconds for the pic to be saved/taken. Microphone sometimes decides to not work, so need often reboots. And apps crash daily. It sucks they gave up on software/security updates for the SE so fast.

I have had this phone for just over a month now and can give it nothing but praise. Bought for £130 brand new, unopened, it works like a charm, even though it uses Android 7. Comparing it to a Huawei P20 Lite there is little if no difference in speed, and the camera is far far better. This has the best phone camera of any that I have used to date. The battery easily lasts through a day with general use, plus it has a much larger and brighter RGB LED notification light. I also like the fact that the screen aspect ratio is wider rather than the modern fashion of being tall and narrow. Considering it has "only" 3GB RAM the machine as a whole has been built and refined to work very very well. It does feel a bit fragile by itself, but I have it placed in a Spigen Case and now it feels solid and secure. If you can still find one brand new then buy it with confidence, yes, even in 2019. Highly recommended. Well done LG.

  • LeG

Shame on you LG, I will not trust them anymore after owning this phone.
I experienced the camera issues (no focus), terrible terrible battery and annoying burned in pixels. JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.
If you haven't yet - well then, enjoy while it lasts.

My Phone Is Still fine, Phone screen still OK, but, battery lite is bad.

  • MM

Eric, funnily, I have the very same problems after 2 years - screen burn, headphone works only on one side (not both ears), battery drains very fast, fingerprint doesn't work, main camera died (autofocusing motor), volume button down doesn't work. Was it a good phone - yes, but it's crazy how it basically failed in almost all fronts.
Warning to all - DON'T BUY A USED LG G5! The specs may look good, but even a careful usage, it will fail on you miserably.

  • ariep

John, 11 Nov 2018Shame on LG within 2 year from release update and still no oreo ... moregot it already, LG G5 H830

  • Eric

I've had my G5 SE for about 2 years now, was pretty good until the problems started. There's screen burn, power button doesn't work (FP works funny enough) and the headphone jack died

  • nakes...

Love the LG G5 SE .... the software updates regularly .....

  • John

Shame on LG within 2 year from release update and still no oreo on this device. Never again LG...

  • g6 user

John, 14 Oct 2018Anyone with oreo? the phone released in 2 year window LG updat... moremaybe next month due to sd 652 im waiting oreo on mine a usa variant using sd820 but nothing yet .. lets wait soon it will arrive and it is worthy looks nice and it gets better with oreo

  • John

Anyone with oreo?
the phone released in 2 year window LG updates but no oreo yet...

  • Vic

This phone is great. After owning a couple of really bad LG's phones, I was reluctant on getting this one. But it was really cheap given the specs. After a year of use, this phone has turned out to be great. One of the best phones I owned, actually.

Anonymous, 27 Aug 2018Use gsm network only if possible you would realise you will go h... moreThanks for your tip, mate.

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wisage, 14 Aug 2018Battery is a really big problem from this phone.Use gsm network only if possible you would realise you will go home with 50% or more battery

pakualam21, 02 Aug 2018This is just my opinion using this phone for about a year. So fa... moreBattery is a really big problem from this phone.

  • ianik

having issues with G5 whereby the left part of my screen lags badly when am navigating on youtube or even on camera mode. tried to reset my phone but in vain. e.g, when i scroll on any video which is playing and check the comments, only the right part of my screen scroll but the left part get stuck. can anyone know what needs to be done?

This is just my opinion using this phone for about a year. So far problems that I faced are screen burning and dropped battery performance.

The screen burning is very disturbing, it isn't really that bad, but it's noticeable. How to fix it? Simplest thing just install screen filter app such as Twilight, and set intensity to 5% and screen dim to 40% (Twilight settings not display phone settings). Of course this setting depends on how bad screen burning happening on you. More intensity takes your screen more red-ish, so just keep it under 15%. Just wait couple of minute, and then voila it solved the problem 99% seriously, screen burning will almost not noticeable. Another solution of course change the LCD screen but it's not worthed try the apps first.

And about the battery it seems common problem in G5 series, below 15% the battery drop significantly until it dies, just replace the battery it cheap though, and thanks to LG modular design.

Besides that everything run smoothly, LG home is laggy switch to Nova.

  • marly

Buying this phone was the worst phone decision i did i my life...
I was so happy with my last LG phone and after4 years it was time for a new one, I chose this one and everything seemed great until the problems started. Now its getting close to a year and I will now go and get another phone. This phone is triggering me to the limit and I actually can't wait to leave this out of my life forever.
Apps are crashing alot, especially snapchat is a big problem and crashing at least two times every time om trying to send a picture.
Battery is also horrible and goes down real fast, but then charge fast, so must be something wrong...?
The camera sucks big-time and are also really slow..

Tried an full factory reset and still same problem.
A really bad phone experience honestly.