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Anonymous, 26 May 2021Lg g6 is a wonderful device with amazing experience. Lg ✌Yes , some times getting Hot

  • Anonymous

Lg g6 is a wonderful device with amazing experience. Lg ✌

  • Godwill

Fake phone...the sim tray will betray you as it did to me.got stock inside and made me suffer..😛😭😭😭...suffering because of that.

  • LikeAG6

Excellent form factor and design, but this device has given me nothing but hardware/software trouble in the 3 years I've owned it

  • Lemmonsgirl

My husband & I purchased our LG G6 phones new about 3 or 4 years ago. We have zero complaints! Battery lasts me all day on normal usage. If I listen to music or use for maps will drain faster. But has a quick charge. The photos are nice, and it's still fast. LG isn't making phones any more, so we are most likely going to have to get a new different phone after these wear out, but we're just going to keep using them because they still work great!

  • Neobdium

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2021Still waiting Android 9 on my H870DS ... it seems I will ne... moreBro i have H870ds and u can flash android 9 but it is slow, android 7 is the best for lg g6!

  • Anonymous

Still waiting Android 9 on my H870DS ... it seems I will never get it ... thank you LG ...

Brothers! downgrade you`r LG G6 to android Nougat!! I tested Nougat, Oreo and Pie on my LG G6 multiple times (letting the phone to cool down after resoft) and Nougat is so fast on Facebook, Instagram, Maps and many more maby the downside is the battery but i dont feel like is worst then oreo or pie. Nougat is so smooth and fast on this phone!!!

  • king

Danny, 17 Mar 2021absolutely terrible. Didn't even survive for 2 years :/its a good phone, still using from past 4 years

My most favorite phone ever. I loved everything about it esp the camera. I had to Replace it when i smashed the camera lens and I bought the LG G8 ThinQ and hated it.

  • Scott777

Bodmax, 23 Jan 2021LG 6 has been the best phone have ever use in my entire life😩😩 I know right

  • Danny

absolutely terrible. Didn't even survive for 2 years :/

  • X

i woke in the morining n my phone was black n the screen so what can i do

  • Khavi

How to get Always on in notification panel .it was showing suddenly it missed out from there . did edit notification panel but always on not showing ip there any help please

  • Anonymous

I bought my LG G6 brand new in 2018 for $240 (Canadian mobile carrier), chosen based on reviews I'd read and affordable pricing. It's running Android 9, unfortunately with no more upgrades. I have never had even a minor problem with the phone, it still charges in about an hour (from around 15% to 100%) and holds that charge for 2 days with light use. I use it mostly for texting, photography and web browsing, only occasionally for calls - which by the way are crystal clear. The camera has been it's high point though,it has produced excellent quality photos, something that's very important to me. The only complaint is that in super bright outdoor light conditions the screen is difficult to see. I'll probably upgrade by the end of 2021, only because I think security is becoming an issue with outdated and unsupported software. In the meantime I still think this is a great phone and will continue to enjoy using it.

  • Ahenkus

Sanity, 13 Dec 2020My lg g6 has begun freezing and it does it any time notwith... moreMy phone is frezing

  • Anonymous

A friend sold me this G6 cheap six months ago and it was a fast and snappy phone with no lagging. I made the mistake of using LG bridge and updating it to Oreo I believe and it's the slowest piece of junk I've had the misfortune of using, even after multiple resets. Battery life went to crap and it stutters and lags on even basic web scrolling.

I wish I knew if there was a way to revert it to the old os version but I'm not so tech knowledgable so ..

I just bought a G8X for cheap as well but I wont ever update it. Learned my lesson with the G6. Never update if you don't want to mess up what works

  • Anonymous

scorpX, 09 Oct 2020i bougth this phone recently (its cheap so why not, around ... moreIt performs way better on Android 7, just revert back to Nougat and u will see. Also, do a couple of battery calibrations (100 to 0, then from 0 to 100. Repeat twice). On 7.0 mine lasts easily a full day, and it performs 7/10, on par with Galaxy A70

Lg is just too pathetic with its throttling issue...plus battery too fast on idle... This phone is just a pain to use. Worst thing is that every second phone of lg has thermal throttling, battery drain or boitloop issue

  • Anonymous

My LG G6 has served me well for the past two years but I feel I'm due an upgrade as the battery doesn't last long anymore. Any suggestions for a new phone?