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  • zaki
  • N1J
  • 20 Sep 2022

really amazing phone it fall about 200 times on floor and really still surviving over than 3 yrs of using i hope that the G7 or G8 r the same strong

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    • BurnHard
    • Hxy
    • 31 Aug 2022

    My G6 is still running very well. Since 5 years it is my companion and I am very satisfied with the performance of a 5 year old phone it. Every function is?still running smooth and no problems occured so far. I had also some complaints at the time but what does one expect? 5 years past and my phone looks like new. I am very happy I bought this phone and it outmatched several other smartphones. Even my friends who had no clue about LG loved the cam and the software (even Iphone user were fascinated) just the front cam lacked of quality and thats one thibg where the G4 was way better. But I will use this phone until it becomes brain dead.

      Kind of silly that this phone feels like it can still square up with modern phones, lol.

        Do not sell it! I also own this gorgeous mobile as a secondary phone and still love it. You forgot about DOLBY VISION capabilities, which is amazing for NETFLIX.

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          • Raul
          • nDJ
          • 01 Aug 2022

          atreea, 25 Jul 2022When i'm still daily driving this phone i always thoug... moreDo not sell it, I also won this gorgeous mobile as a second phone. You forgot about DOLBY VISION capabilities, something amazing for NETFLIX.

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            • atreea
            • KLU
            • 25 Jul 2022

            When i'm still daily driving this phone i always thought to myself "wow what a piece of ****" but i just never realized what id miss once i upgraded few weeks ago.

            There are 3 things i really loved about this phone and wish its common, but 2 fatal flaw made me hate it

            First is the display and UI of the phone, it is GORGEOUS, back in 2017 theres nothing like it, the UI is also pretty intuitive, it felt like stock android with extra features LG put in to make it user friendly. Second, Quad Dac, like god damn, i compared my earphones on my new phone to this, it's insane how different the sound profile i got from the same earphones, it really opens them up to the full potential as an audiophile experience phone. Third the camera software, the features it has is simply amazing and reliable, it focuses quick, has seamless camera transition for video, has full manual control and a really good stock software suite, problem lies in the lens though, they get really cloudy quick and gather fingerprints worse compared to true glass lenses of other phones

            however the 2 deal breakers that forced me to ditch the phone is 1. LG is a stingy company, not letting the G6+ bootloader unlocked so its dead at pie, even as they close the mobile division. 2. It throttles HARD, for years i own this phone i have never seen it use all the cpu performance it has, as it always throttles about 50% of its performance when battery temperature reaches 40c, you can blame Samsung note 7 debacle for this phone unreasonable performance nerfs on an already coping SD821 SoC as LG markets their battery tech to be safe at the cost of half of it's performance

            so now i'm in a dilemma, should i resell my new phone and run my G6 because of its incredible audio and camera software versatility at the cost of performance, or shouldn't i

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              • Ravnos
              • n1a
              • 21 Jul 2022

              Qtank, 20 Jul 2022Same man. I'm getting a 6a when it goes into preorders... morecouldn't agree more, still using mine and its only had very minor issues recently, ive had it 5 years now I think. Had the G4 before it and loved that one as well.
              I'm toying with upgrading now but can't decide what I want now that LG isn't an option anymore.

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                • Qtank
                • InW
                • 20 Jul 2022

                Ninja, 12 Jul 2022Absolutly the best phone i owned!!Same man. I'm getting a 6a when it goes into preorders tomorrow. This phone has been amazing for the 5 years I've owned it.

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                  • Ninja
                  • s3x
                  • 12 Jul 2022

                  TheWildShadow55, 14 Jan 2022I remember when I had this phone it was only good for a yea... moreAbsolutly the best phone i owned!!

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                    • Obaz
                    • 84G
                    • 09 Jul 2022

                    Am so lucky to be G6 user.
                    The company says that Lg g6 is the best when it comes to focus on camera ever made by LG.

                      Anonymous, 07 Nov 2021Yes it has android 11 updateSince when?

                        Nope, 9 is the last.

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                          • Pamj
                          • 7C8
                          • 13 Jun 2022

                          Starch, 08 Jun 2022I just replaced the battery in my G6 last week. For many m... moreHow did you replace the battery? Looks pretty tedious to me.

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                            • Starch
                            • 7A7
                            • 08 Jun 2022

                            Second hand, 02 Jun 2022Have you replaced the battery....trying to figure out if it... moreI just replaced the battery in my G6 last week. For many months the phone was unusable when not plugged in. After just a few minutes, it would lose power without warning despite indicating 100% charge. That is par for the course with a worn battery. When placed under load, voltage droops due to high internal resistance.

                            In my case the phone back was actually separating on its own due to adhesive failure, which got me to thinking it would be easy to open up. I ordered a "NuFix" replacement battery and tool kit for around $25. It came with no instructions. You may find other brands available to you, in case you plan to do the work yourself.

                            If so I highly recommend watching some videos about it first. These videos tend to oversimplify and skip stuff on the reassembly, but it does show you what's involved in opening up the phone. Do not bend the back cover too much because it's made of actual glass. I found getting the phone apart was pretty easy, but it took me several hours to complete the job because I made a mistake with the replacement adhesive you must use to reattach the back.

                            By far the most difficult part for me was applying the adhesive, which is a pre-cut double-sided tape on a plastic carrier sheet. It must be stuck onto the phone, NOT the back cover. Also be aware of the grid of spring-loaded contacts between the phone and the back cover. These are for the power button/fingerprint reader. Do not damage them. The good news is there are a lot of replacement parts available for the G6. You can replace the battery (obviously), the back cover, the display, and even the charging port (it comes on a small board that you replace, so no soldering).

                            If you don't want to deal with all that, you can get the battery professionally replaced. For them, it's a piece of cake. The G6 has aged well and is still very usable. In particular the display is a strong point with excellent viewing angles, brightness, resolution and contrast ratio. The camera takes excellent pictures. While I already got another phone (a Motorola Edge), I still enjoy my G6. I am not sure the new phone is actually better. Ok, time to end this.

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                              • Second hand
                              • 4bD
                              • 02 Jun 2022

                              Shukurillo, 23 May 2022I still use this phone, it is legendary for meHave you replaced the battery....trying to figure out if it's worth it. It's second hand & it's pretty much set up - battery runs out too quick though.

                                I still use this phone, it is legendary for me

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                                  • john harris
                                  • rZu
                                  • 20 May 2022

                                  Furiounx, 25 May 2020No not heavy games. But light games should be alright. Mayb... morethe phone can run fortnite,pubg,freefire even now 2022 so it's good for heavy gaming

                                    One of these bad boys is cheaper than a tank of gas nowadays.

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                                      • Hockeygod
                                      • Ixb
                                      • 16 Jan 2022

                                      I got mine (summer of 2017) a few months after it was released in April. I bought the H870DS (Hong Kong, Russia, Australia international version, and it worked fine in Canada) primarily for the expandable memory (or dual-sim) and FM radio abilities. I was going to school and work in Europe and thought I would keep my local number so I could stay in touch with family and friends; then buy a SIM card in my new country. I did that, but ended up parking my local number as it was cheaper to do that and use Whatsapp or Telegram or Skype to stay in touch with those back home. I ended up using my dual sim space for expandable memory and it was a great decision as I took many pictures (I do upload through Google to the cloud, but the memory space was a bonus!) It is getting long in the tooth (as of Jan 2022), so I am looking to replace it. It still works pretty good, but has slowed down, even with regular memory purges, and the battery seems to drain more quickly now. I get about 6-7 hours out of it daily, without charging and not using it much; more consistent usage drains it quickly (maybe 3 hours?) Also, I do a lot of outdoor activities in the cold (I go out to -50C plus windchill), and without keeping it under my armpit, (and plugged into a portable battery) the phone battery 'bricks' quickly, so this may have taken its toll over the years! LOL! I know the pace of technology has increased drastically, so I am looking at at a Google Pixel 6 now as it has some great abilities about voice transcription and translation, plus has a highly regarded camera setup and has the IP68 rating. I wish the Pixel 6 had expandable memory and a headphone jack (I travel internationally lots and a wired setup prolongs my battery life!) but will have to find workarounds. Too bad LG decided to give up the mobile ghost as I was very happy with my phone over the past 4.5 years! Thank you LG! RIP!

                                        I remember when I had this phone it was only good for a year maximum, in 2019 it started to get really slow (if you got two texts in not much time apart the whole phone would freeze), buggy and ran unreasonably warm all the time and this was only made worse with android 8. I still have the phone in my collection but I'd never dare use it as a main again, everything about it sucked in 2019 and 2020, I can only imagine it's worse now (but the phone is almost 5 years old so that makes sense).