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Dushan, 22 Nov 2019hi can you tell me what is your country. and can Asia get androi... moreI'm from somewhere in Asia. So yes, the phone does receive OTA updates in Asia (& probably the rest of the world). My phone is the Verizon (US) version though, so i can't tell you if other versions have or will receive the Android 9.0 update.

Battery life is similar to Oreo. I haven't noticed any decrease in battery life.

I received android 9.0 Pie LG G6 Thinq model G600L korean version since last month and got 2 another updates made the phone awesomely performing very fast abd beautiful and dark mode also activated and screen buttons guestures also no more navigation bar ... I love LG

  • Dushan

Whackcar, 20 Nov 2019These were selling cheap at a used phone store, so i bought one ... morehi can you tell me what is your country. and can Asia get android 9 update?. and what's the status of battery?

Still waiting for LG G6 H872 Upgrade Android 9.0 Pie...........

Recently upgraded to Android 8.0 and since then have lots of problems. Hangs a lot and bluetooth pairing problems with my 2015 Toyota Avalon. Warms up a lot seemed unable to stop overcharging. Power button + Lower volume will not reset.

How can I go back to android 7? Mine is T-mobile unlocked using Mint mobile.

MITEAM412, 20 Nov 2019Settings, then Scroll down to "Check for software updates" I bel... moreVery bad software update services from lg mobile india.
We using lg g6 with outdated android 8.0...
Other side mid range phone getting fasted software updates compared to our flagships lg g6...

We are waiting for Android 9.0 last 10 months....but we are very disappointed ....and i think waiting is not over in feture.....

Because lg does not care its valuable customer .
Very bad experiences to brought this waste mobile phone and choosing very lazy company....

These were selling cheap at a used phone store, so i bought one as a secondary phone for about $100 (Silver, VS988, 32GB). It's in pristine condition. Everything is working perfectly, and the battery timing is decent. It came with Oreo by default, but it received 2 OTA updates bringing it to Pie OS. The Pie ROM is stable & there are no issues apparent.

As for the phone itself, it is certainly a great purchase at this price point. Cameras are good even without GCAM, but GCAM does improve resolved detail in images. Selfie camera is not good though. Other than that, performance is smooth for the most part.

If anyone has any questions about it, feel free to ask me.

Shakeel, 19 Nov 2019I have lg g6 but not update on pie. Kindly tell me the procedure Settings, then Scroll down to "Check for software updates" I believe. It has been 2 years since I had my G6.

  • Shakeel

I have lg g6 but not update on pie. Kindly tell me the procedure

Recently got one of these, it's such a good phone! So much better than my Stylo 3 Plus, I'm switching back to LG because of this device.

  • Nur hasan

Chuck, 29 Jul 2019Download the Google cCamera. Much improved!Yes

  • humanwithaG6

mshahzaib1629, 10 Nov 2019I'm planning to buy LG G6. Kindly confirm me either it has boot ... moreI have been using it for last 2 years and there is no bootloop issue for once, not even that I heard in XDA Community. But before you buy, be sure you will face following:
1. No root available on most models of G6 yet because of unavailable bootloader
2. Screen Ghost effect will come, sooner or later, it will. If you never heard of it, please ask Google.

I'm planning to buy LG G6. Kindly confirm me either it has boot loop issue or not?
Or if any other potential issue exist, please let me know.

  • kgd

I hate Pie on my LG G6, i regret "upgrading" my OS, it's slow as hell now, apps take FOREVER to load for some unknown reason since i updated in Oct, it's rendered my phone unresponsive and my apps load slow, also the battery life is much less now it seems, im not even going to bother with the hassle of trying to downgrade, i've just upgraded to an LG X Power 2 through my phone provider and i'll be happily going back to Android 7.0 / 8.0..i'm very happy LG X Pwr 2 cannot use Pie... i've had the G6 for years anyhow, it's time for a more basic phone with a WAY better battery life and Android OS.

  • Anonymous

I am using Lg G6 and most times if i want to connect my charger the phone will alert me it has detected moisture in my USB cord meanwhile the phone has not come in contact with any moisture. Can i know the course of this?

  • Xe

Please guys the oreo and pie which one is good and how can it be installed

  • Aaa

neobdium, 15 Oct 2019I just update my LG G6 870ds HKG to pie (LG UP metod) and here i... morePlease tell me how do you downgrade with LG up tool to Oreo? Did you do Factory reset after downgrade or you just did it like an upgrade? Because I'm not satisfated with Oreo and I'm thinking to downgrade to Nougat stock. I don't now should I ipgrade to Pie because battery life is horrible. I also have H870 DSU HKG.

  • dinnoV

Nasirkhan, 24 Oct 2019brother how you updated yours one i own H872 Tmobile version sti... moresame here bro dinnoV

  • Anonymous

Xe, 22 Oct 2019Please guys l'm uesing g6 version H873 and the android version i... moreWith Android Pie officially released for Canadian model H873 on Oct 23, 2019 you now should be able to get the update by connecting to the Internet (via WiFi or Data), go to Settings-->System-->Update Center and download/install the Pie Update.

You can also use the link in the article below to download the firmware file and flash it to your LG H873.

  • THK

Scolpa from Ghana, 22 Oct 2019I bought lg g6 yesterday and I am impress with the phone my only... moreIt should work just fine, I get 4-5 hours of ON SCREEN time, and lasts me well throughout the day. I have been using this phone for more than a year, and have not really seen any deterioration of battery life coupled with upgrade.
So either your battery is faulty, for which you should get a replacement and contact your seller.
Check if there is any rogue application that is eating battery in the background.