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  • FearlessOneSix

Okay. So after seeing a rumour article about the v30 I think the v30 may actually be the biggest competition to LGs G6 2017 flagship release. I honestly am considering keeping my G5 until I see the v30 because by the time the v30 comes out the G6 should have dropped in price and we should see the strengths/flaws of G6 by then. ;D

  • Oink

For the seems of the leaks, they ditch the removable battery for a glass but why, glass looks good but its fragile and a fingerprint magnet, i like lg cuz of its removable battery but why would they ditch the feature that is missing from newer plastic, i would rater have a cheap plastic or metal with removable battery than a fragile glass back, please lg dont do it

  • Anonymous

Man, qualcomm giving 835 to samsung to the s8 so i expect lg, xiaomi and more to release their flagship to late march to early june, and company now doing the trend of bezel less, i hate big screen although if they fit in your hand in one hand, then ok but i still hate big screens, althpugh if lg is really getting the 821, then the op3t seems like a good choice so these company maybe wait more bcuz they giving the oneplus a better choice cuz of its cheaper price but still have so similar specs(maybe even better cuz of optimization on oxygen os cuz the pixel is underclocked so it performs more like 820 than 821)like the sd821, 6gb ram or you will paying double the price for a better music, bigger screen, better camera(i guess), and bezel less design but double the price for that, seems like a no go though so i think that companies will wait so they can have the top notch(i think this happen before in 2014 idk when the s5 has 801 then 5 months note 4 came up with 805 and seems like s5 is less powerful than his bigger sibling but idk, i might be wrong though)but yeah

  • AnonD-114814

Myren, 16 Feb 2017Why snap 821..... we all need 835 dear LGSD821 is not outdated. It's released in oktober 2016. In real life use you will not see much difference between SD821 and SD835, except maybe in batterylife. But the price of a phone with SD835 chip will be more expensive...

Also SD821 had some good improvement over SD820 :

For fu*ks sake, stop using LCD screens. They are shit. You will literally never see the color black on that piece of sh*t LCD IPS.

(I'm a G3 user, for internet warriors)

  • AnonD-114814

BVS, 17 Feb 2017The Snapdragon 835 won't be available in large quantities until ... moreIn this case, Samsung may drink a lawsuit for monopoly behavior,. mobile division and one for the manufacture of chips obviously work together,. which is prohibited by the laws of monopoly....

  • BVS

Myren, 16 Feb 2017Why snap 821..... we all need 835 dear LGThe Snapdragon 835 won't be available in large quantities until after the Samsung Galaxy S8 launches.

  • Captain Wang Wrangle

Myren, 16 Feb 2017Why snap 821..... we all need 835 dear LGAccording to what I've read so far, they originally planned to use the 835 SD but Samsung somehow managed to preorder such a large quantity of the processors that lg couldn't get a large enough quantity to be able to use it in the g6

  • Anonymous

Chiefo, 16 Feb 2017I don't kw y big mobiles companies wud be releasing high-end pho... moreCorrect.

  • Myren

Why snap 821..... we all need 835 dear LG

  • Chiefo

I don't kw y big mobiles companies wud be releasing high-end phones with 3,200mAh & 3,400mAh batteries & pple wud say...."I was expecting a 3,500/3,600mAh battery; Watz dat 4 goodness sake? Watz wrong if dey make it 4,500mAh or 5,000mAh 4 d costly gadget dey present, 2 add value 4 our money. Imagine all d 1daful specs on a 3,000mAh or 3,200mAh battery, that's total rubbish. We are beginning 2 accept it as a norm, SMH!!

  • Benboy

I hope it supports slimport.

  • Anonymous

Having a "removable battery" is better than not. WHY did LG change this? No go for me as a result. I have choices.

  • ....

Lg is probably going to use a 3200 battery.
Was hoping for a 3600 like s7 edge.
Lg's screen is bigger I'm sure it could fit a bigger battery.
Still no FM rumors

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Feb 2017No removable battery? What phone in 2017 will have a non removab... moreSGS III doesn't even have enough RAM to run the system properly. I would suggest picking a phone with more RAM (2 GB or more).

  • CVRX

To LG engineers: Please use best Gorilla glass for camera protect lens! I had G2 and now G4 and very soon after I get this phones they get scratches on camera lens. Use more harder lenses.

  • AnonD-448617

I think it will be not less or more than 3500mah..
But what made me sad that missing of great sensors like laser autofocus ,colour spectrum and IR port !!! Why LG??

  • Anonymous

advise you lg g6 really batter than Samsung s8 g6 camera especially display quality gear than Samsung

  • Stan

Ahem, the same 16mp camera sensor again?
LG, get with the times, use a 12mp sensor with larger pixels, just like every other top smartphone...

  • Anonymous

Hammer, 13 Feb 2017Non-removable battery. There's a deal breaker right there. Now j... moreNo removable battery? What phone in 2017 will have a non removable battery? I suggest you buy the Galaxy S3. Then you can buy many extra batteries and put them around your waist. Then every time you run low on battery, you pull out a new one and lock and load like Arnold Schwarzenegger!