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  • MadbladeUK

Anonymous, 30 Dec 2016LG G4 user here. If it doesn't have removable battery, the only ... moreLG G4 Absolutely love, So much im buying another incase this one conks out. Got a mint white LG G2, Its big brother LG G Pad & i would like to get the V10. I would get G6 because of ram 6gb, but non removable battery f**ks me off.

  • Jaux

I was so angry when I heard that LG is going to quit the Baltic Market, thank God that at least Nokia is coming back to baltics hopefully my lost 4 phones from LG and I love them still using G4 and it's great phone

  • AnonD-629082

Dear LG fans,

Let's make a petition towards LG demanding them to include a removable battery, radio-FM, infrared port, Three 12 MP F1.8 cameras (standard, wide and the selfie front one) and not a poorer quality 8 MP F2.4 second or selfie camera, full video manual control like on V20, a standard 5.5 inchi screen and a 5.7 or 6 inchi variant of the same phone. Do you all agree? If not, please add your wishes :)

Also, I believe LG should stop copying Samsung and Apple and keep on inovating and being original as they were until and including the wonderful G3 or G4! Waterproofing, wireless charging or retina scanners and no 3.5 audio jack or a non-removable battery are just plain useless marketing gimmicks which have almost no use for a normal everyday user.

From a very happy LG4 user.

  • Anonymous

it better be Fly Like A G6.

  • AnonD-610488

camera is very nice ... also the RAM so strong ... but the battery is too small ... and the screen 5.3 i thin if it 5.5 will cool ... finely the phone super cool LG is the best now ... thank u LG @_@

  • Anonymous

LG G4 user here. If it doesn't have removable battery, the only way to get me to buy G6 would be if it was priced under $300 retail.

  • Bras

No fm?


  • AnonD-618376

I must say... screen is lil bit small... but the ram .. wow .. excellent ...camera both front and rear sounds very good.. and then internal starts with 64 GB ... that's a high 5 for LG ... just hope they make it a 5.5" not 5.3" ...

  • ...

5.3 screen is a downgrade even from old g3, s8 is rumored for a 5.7 .
no FM
non Removable battery
LG is rumored that actually fired people due to g5 bad sales.
With the above specs LG is gonna be shutting down smartphone department.

  • Grubba

If, LG scrap the removable battery in the LG-6 sales will plunge.

  • Ahmed Rajab

Eric Wang, 24 Dec 2016Hopefully LG goes back to the G4 design because the G5 design wa... moreAgreed. I really liked the design of G g3 and less for G4 and more less for G5

  • supm

AnonD-625053, 26 Dec 2016Why such a small screen? G4 with 5.5 " inch screen was the perfe... moreSame thoughts here

  • AnonD-625053

Why such a small screen? G4 with 5.5 " inch screen was the perfect size. Typing with a smaller screen would be my personal nightmare.

Hopefully LG goes back to the G4 design because the G5 design was a flop that didn't live up to the modular hype

  • kamran ullah

removable battery is better for lg g6

  • kamran ullah

please use removable battery 5000 mah

  • Nickhawk

Good job LG! Better and better!

  • AnonD-505734

No removable battery and no radio?
Instead of making the defects in the cell, lg adding new;

  • AnonD-97895

[deleted post]The battery on LG G5 is awsome, u must put ure brightness on max and such....I use it for average fast internet researching and my brightnes on day is 100% but at night is 30% max and i still have a battery around 40% useing all day(normal-high) use.

  • AnonD-581826

Grubba, 13 Dec 2016I hope the new LG6 retains the removable battery otherwise sales... moretrue