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  • mrkian

no removable battery ? bye bye LG. there is no point to buy LG anymore

  • AnonD-531620

PavelD, 07 Feb 2017It seems the phone could be roaring success. I am missing F... moreTotally agree with you about the radio, the G5 was the last flagship to keep the FM radio.
It will be a shame if LG follow everyone else and disable it. I just hope that the G6 is unique enough to stand apart from Samsung and HTC.

  • AnonD-97895

Jason, 07 Feb 2017Seriously ?? Processor still using Snapdragon 821 ?? i tot ... moreLG would use that processor, but Samsung won't agree cause they ``own`` snapdragon...but still 821 is enough fast for ure all-day tasks.

  • Mailo

Jason, 07 Feb 2017Seriously ?? Processor still using Snapdragon 821 ?? i tot ... moreSnapdragon 835 its just for Samsung, because they help qualcomm in making process.

  • PavelD

It seems the phone could be roaring success. I am missing FM radio even I know it is useless in Norway. The another thing that makes me angry is the non-removable battery. Otherwise, I guess it will be my next phone (after LGG4). I hope there won't be any glitches like the bootloop.

  • Jason

Seriously ?? Processor still using Snapdragon 821 ?? i tot this is last year model ... this year should be using Snapdragon 835 .... i hope is snapdragon 835 pls....

  • FearlessOneSix

Had a G4 and upgraded to G5 in Oct 16. Had to replace G5 fingerprint sensor recently since its not beer proof ;D Never had a problem other than that. Love the cameras esp wide angle option. Battery life was much better than my G4: 1 day moderate use, 50% bright, 4 - 4.5 hrs screen time. And swappable too.

Hope G6 has big big battery and hope it does well too since G5 USA launch is apparently April 7 and USA S8 launch is April 21. Ughs. Good luck anyways!

  • AnonD-618434

I think as it said that all these photos are not for the original G6,its CAD photos may be little changed from the original..
If iam wrong...so,
Where is laser autofocus and colour spectrum sensors on back and where is IR blaser at top??!!!
Do you think guys that LG will remove all of these in most important flagship of it ??!!

  • NeoDeus

I have LG G5 gold about half year, it's a perfect phone. I hope LG give me reason to buy a new model G6 :)

  • AnonD-642269

I've been using G4 for almost two years now. Although I experienced the bootloop problem before, the customer service replaced the phone's board with a new one. No problem ever since. Battery life is my only complain so far. I had high hopes for the G5, but was skeptical with its battery so didn't get one. Hopefully, G6 could be a good fix. Fingers crossed.

  • AnonD-304329

My girlfriend and I both have a G4, we do not experience bootloops. We love the phone.

I'm thinking about going for the G6, but only if the camera produces flagshipphone quality pictures and videos. Waiting for the DxOMark testresults...

  • AnonD-642167

I have my G4 for 1 and a half year now, didn't had any problems with it and i hope they will move volume buttons back

  • tina69

AnonD-481508, 03 Feb 2017my g4 too after 10 month now bootloop happened so sad...but... moreWelcome to LG's bootloop club. Member numbers are growing fast!
Just by simply looking at its powerful specs of this phone it will likely generate a lot of heat, bootloop is not far from first use.

  • AnonD-642002

It sounds good so far. I just hope it is better than the LG G5 because I had so many problems with that phone in a 3 month period of time. The volume button got stuck/broke and had to return it to the store to get a new phone, and then a bad battery that would heat up fast or drain battery super fast and had to get a new battery. Now the battery has been doing the same thing again...and I have only had that phone for three months now...so yeah, hoping for a way better build with the LG G6.

AnonD-569849, 05 Feb 2017Maybe it will have a removable back because it is IP67 just... moreuhmm yea maybe..that would be awesome if this come true man!

  • AnonD-569849

kes hav, 05 Feb 2017plzz lg...we need removeable back, 4000mah battery, radio(o... moreMaybe it will have a removable back because it is IP67 just like the S5 do you think that?

  • jordan

It will be amazing to put camera like Nokia lumnia has 41M :).

  • mr_anonymou5

mr_anonymou5, 05 Feb 2017Lg should really put the power button and the volume rocker... moreOn*

  • mr_anonymou5

Lg should really put the power button and the volume rockers in the back of the device. I loved that design. When a person saw the rear of the device they could instantly identify the device as a LG. But now its not like that. Lg plzzz put the buttons on the back of the fone again.

plzz lg...we need removeable back, 4000mah battery, radio(or not, we don't care but for some it does),a snapdragon 835 and ir scanner in order to make this phone a beast for 2017! we need to piss off samsung and other brands this year! :D