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  • adn.engineer.0

The next LG mediocre flagship. LG needed a big win to have a chance at regaining any market share. You can't drive marketing of flagship devices on last year's CPU. They could have waited until 2nd quarter and obtained the Snapdragon 835/830 but instead they think launching before Samsung with the 821 will do it. It won't. So add the G6 to the G4 debacle and the lackluster G5. I also understand wanting a watertight device but LG loyalists relied upon the ability to change out power cells. I haven't once taken my device swimming nor toilet dunking. So LG will launch another subpar flagship and give Samsung more dominance.

  • Majo

Haa! here comes G6 nothing special nothing new!! Guessing G6 will be a flop from LG as well !


I wish LG G6 would still have a removable battery. Thank you planned obsolescence! Phone will never survive 2 years again. Battery are only good for 500 charges.

  • AnonD-114814

Rex Tech, 23 Jan 2017Agreed.Also on many sites confirm that the reason why it wo... moreThis is a monopoly by samsung, that other manufacturers do not have the snapdragon 835

  • AnonD-450518

LG G6 should take on the MediaTek Helio X30 because it's a good alternative to S835, X30 is also 10nm & performs similarly to S835. OEM's like HTC, MEIZU, OPPO & many others uses MediaTek Helio chipsets on their best flagship smmartphones too.

  • Bras

I need fm radio pls g6

AnonD-636909, 23 Jan 2017Why 5.3"!!! Just make it firggen 5.5!!!I think on other sites it says it will have 5'7 screen.Also the looks are similar to S8.Google "LG G6", friend and you will be surprised how great G6 looks.

AnonD-618434, 23 Jan 2017No sd835,,G6 will use sd821Agreed.Also on many sites confirm that the reason why it won't have SD 835 is that Samsung called dips on it 1st.

  • AnonD-618434

No sd835,,G6 will use sd821

  • Anonymous

AnonD-636909, 23 Jan 2017Why 5.3"!!! Just make it firggen 5.5!!!The G2 size was perfect , then all the g-series came out and all of them were huge . If LG will make a decent size high end smartphone this year can beat Samsung ( Samsung will not have homme button and will be giant) .

  • Anonymous

AnonD-636909, 23 Jan 2017Why 5.3"!!! Just make it firggen 5.5!!!I agree. LG bezels are pretty poor though so I expect this 5.3" to be similar overall dimensions as the 6.3" S8 Plus (roughly S7 Edge size). Hence Samsung having the edge (mind the pun) here.

  • AnonD-636909

Why 5.3"!!! Just make it firggen 5.5!!!

  • Markus

If I finally can buy a waterproof mobile (not the deceptive "splash-proof"), with a removable battery, I will buy the LG G6 no matter the cost. My mobile now is five years old and it's simply becoming too old. :/ I've even been considering the CAT S60, but while the infrared scanner is amazing, its resolution is simply too poor. If LG no longer understands the importance of a removable battery, so that people won't be forced to buy equipment with a best-before date, then unfortunately, I will have to wait for the inevitably upcoming CAT S70. It will likely be a rather fat mobile, but as long as it continues to have a removable battery and waterproofing, CAT will be the ones to get my money. And an infrared scanner will be quite fun and usable, too, anyway.

  • EJ

happy that LG will keep the headphone jack , and more good if LG will trim there G6 phone to 5.1 in. PERFECT and more Durable and Heavy Duty button at the back......

  • AnonD-586719

Lol 'colours: yes'
Cracked me up

  • the one

pleas the scree solution not more big and thikness not more thna 7 mm I wait lg 6

  • Anonymous

Kyocera has made water resistant phones with removable batteries years ago.this should not be an issue. With today's technology.

  • AnonD-618434

If G series will go with 5.7 inch,,so what about V series??

  • Anonymous

It will be nice that it comes with a IP68 dustproof and waterproof certificate....