LG G6+ going for $599 in US ($200 off)

Himanshu, 20 January 2018

The LG G6+ has received a solid price cut in the US, where the unlocked version of the device is currently going for $599.99. Retailer B&H is offering the phone at that rate, down $200 from the tag the device usually carries there.

As already mentioned, it's a carrier unlocked version, and is compatible with GSM and select CDMA networks (all Big Four US networks should be included). There's no information on exactly when the promo ends. For more info, head to the Source link below.



Reader comments


  • AnonD-444177

I agree. Some better phones cost less.

  • AnonD-723538

Still pretty expensive for an old SD processor, 128gb, and 32 bit audio.

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