LG G6+ going for $599 in US ($200 off)

20 January 2018
It's a carrier unlocked version, and is compatible with GSM and select CDMA networks (all Big Four US networks should be included)

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  • AnonD-444177

Note7 owner, 20 Jan 2018Worth no more than $299. $1000 phones are tricking people to thi... moreI agree. Some better phones cost less.

  • AnonD-723538

Still pretty expensive for an old SD processor, 128gb, and 32 bit audio.

  • Anonymous

Oh, LG. You're taking the same path as BB. If you keep this up, you'll be history like them

  • Anonymous

AnonD-510098, 20 Jan 2018Still to expensive, worth about 350 maxI would say 400 max since it is the plus version

And G6 is around $400 and V30 $800

Worth no more than $299. $1000 phones are tricking people to think $600 is ok for mediocrity.

  • AnonD-715008

Even more costlier than OP5T! Lmao come on LG what you smoking?!

  • AnonD-510098

Still to expensive, worth about 350 max

  • ZloiYuri

Really? almost 2-years old specs phone for 600$? It have to be retard or blind to buy this

Thanks LG!
The price drop of the G6 means the G5 will also be more affordable to people. The G4 will be a great deal with another price drop, and the G3 has just became even more dirt cheap, so now I could buy the LG G2!

  • Anonymous

This is pretty expensive consodering the normal G6 goes below 400