LG G7120

LG G7120

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  • Searcher

I was a very proud owner of this phone once until a friend of mine decide to buy it from me and now after so many years i am looking for this model again..

  • basky

hai..guys,can you tell me about this mobile phone??my phone have problem with flex cable?anybody knows how to get it??
thanks before...

  • dadi

i'm interessted ...how can i use a picture for a number in my phone book.ex:my friend is calling me and i want his photo on my display not as a wallpaper,as a phonebook photo.is it possible?

  • Lalit

Everythin is fine on this phone - The menu is extremely user-friendly.
But the quality of photos is poor.

  • shahid

hey guys can anyone of you tell me if this mobile phone supports video recording plzz.

  • Nuwan

thats a greate phone....

  • Laczita

Hey,You I bought this there is nothing worth This is better than NOKIA whis is made in Hungary

  • Robbi

Pls tell me how to download ringtone, picture and other sofwares in the disk of LG from the computer. I am using Window Me. Pls reply through my email. Tks

  • Anonymous

the front looks like the o2x2 without the extra bit at the bottem

  • Danny

Do not buy this fone it is a piece of crap yeah its kinda cheap but its not worth a fone with major bugs. it wasnt even made in korea! they hired vietnam to make it. i used it and in less than a day the screen went black, then when you turn it on the camera screws up.

  • Ben

Just bought one, value for money, the set back is the camera quality below par. The nicest phone I ever own! Bravo!

  • Phuti

yet anatha shitty tilting design from LG.cant u guys cum up with something beta? how much do u guys pay ur design team, not enuff i bet. that's y the outcome is neva good.

  • htoo

hi anyone know how much internal memory in this LG 7120? thanks

  • lol

great design. no video capability though and the memory needs improving. value for money though. =)

  • ruby

Bought this phone. everything is fine. it is good enough at the price. (can't expect a toyota to run like a ferrari eh?) my only complaint is that i can't hear the other party when i'm walking on a busy road side and trying to listen to the phone.

  • henry

too good

  • akolade

hi like to buy it from u

  • rashid

How many Languages? German?

  • Z

I love LG

  • buj

watchout when someone claims their phone has video flash!! all it is is camera flash light!it does not come w video capture or even playback function. DOWNRIGHT MISLEADING!!!!