LG G7120

LG G7120

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  • joyce

better than some other expensive phone...
cool ringtones but a bit lack, other than that , it is perfectly alright and excellent ^_^

  • Wayne

So Whats About This Phone

  • Selina

Is the Phone Really Good.. can any 1 tell ... ??? the truth and Reply Back THKS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

is the cameras in same place as G7100

  • dankoston

can someone please tell me whether this phone has composer and is it better than the lg7100?

  • Anonymous

i dun tink it has a video recordin function

  • Anonymous

wat is the different between G7100 and G7120

  • unknow

does this handphone G7120 really have the video function wat is it like


I luv this phone very much! My Loakong has jst brought me to buy it! For me the price is quite ok nt too expensive. Eventhough it looks alike samsung phone bt it is more solid and nicer!

  • arlana

does it really have video capabilities as stated in the specs?

  • $$$

You should save your money for LG U8150 or LG T5100..

  • =D


  • mystic

it is wonderful. L.G is the best. setter than samsung!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • =D

this phone looks like a cheaper version of samsung with its UFB display and lower memory size... but overall i think its design is good... although quite low on memory

  • kefa tureti

the phone looks great but does it come with blue tooth as standard and the memory look too small as Samsung has 9mb of memory on some of their phones

  • Ling

The phone is too expensive. For the little features it offers, the price should have been set lower. Honestly, Samsung E700 is better

  • martin

this phone would be much beter if the camera was on the frount

  • Nhat Minh

I think I love it at first sight. Like other people I wonder how much it is.

  • Mark

is the LG G7120 comming to verizon wireless or any other new CAMERA PHONES please write back I really would like to know:)

  • Adolfo Mondragon

How his this new LG G7120. Because Im intersted to buy one. Thankyou!