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  • never happened to me
  • 4B9
  • 11 Feb 2022

CJF, 10 Feb 2022My LG7 suddenly froze loading a website, battery at 59% the... moreVery nice and clean phone fr tho its really good

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    • CJF
    • 816
    • 10 Feb 2022

    My LG7 suddenly froze loading a website, battery at 59% then would not turn off or on. Just froze on screen and by morning the phone screen was black and still will not turn on. Help!

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      • Nic
      • 0tN
      • 11 Oct 2021

      I have been using it since September 2018. I had some problems along the way, but due to the updates everything is ok. I use the Canadian version in France and to be honest I have problems with the network because I travel a lot. the specifics of my work. Clean Android is a great idea for non-Google phones. they are as good as they are for speed. the difference is that productivity decreases with each android update which is not the case with the Google phone. then the battery wears out over time, if you remember and the iPhone had problems with the battery and has it, and intentionally decreased productivity. I have a hard time saying that I have a great phone but I am satisfied and it goes on through its sound. by the quality of the assembly. Android clean and last but not least drop resistance. my co-worker changed 4 phones of different brands (huawei, samsung, mi, oppo) and each of them at least twice the screen. to me no crack on the screen for 3 years. it's like being out of the factory with only signs of wear. I'm sorry that LG doesn't put new phones on the market anymore. but that's it . they were too expensive but really worth every penny. I'm not talking about those who have had a bad experience. you happen to buy the same version twice and fall. take care of yourself and don't forget that it's an object and it's not worth getting annoyed with. how you use it is the first problem

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        • InV
        • 10 Apr 2021

        Lg g7 one , 01 Apr 2021Surprised yesterday upgraded os to Android 11Mine got the Android 11 update about that date, but about the same time AT&T started sending warning texts to the phone that it would not be allowed on their network anymore from April 11 due to not having VoLTE as that is a requirement for phones on their network due to phasing out 3G networking in 2022!
        That is a bit early for that time frame it seems to me. Anyway that prompted me try testing the G7 on T-Mobile via the Mint Mobile MVNO, and so far, it seems to work well - might switch over, for a lot lower cost, if I can get comparable reception in areas where I usually travel, starting with home, which it does handle albeit at a lot lower data download speeds (3 Mb/sec) than on the AT&T network (30 Mb/sec), but better away from within my house.

          It's real. I received it on the 31st, my unit bought outright & unlocked. Not an April Fool's.

            marco, 05 Apr 2021Android One program is 3 years of support from release, thi... moreIt's funny you say that, HMD Nokia has stopped giving OS update support to the 8 Sirocco and that phone was also launched in 2018 with Android Oreo out of the box just like this particular LG phone. It means that the 8 Sirocco won't receive the Android 11 OS update, which I found that ironic since LG can give Android 11 OS update to this G7 One.

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              • 2Do2San
              • RKx
              • 06 Apr 2021

              I bought it 3 days ago and I felt it is really great phone.
              Due to business withdrawal, I'm sure this phone will be LG's memorial phone ^0^

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                • marco
                • mYW
                • 05 Apr 2021

                YUKI93, 05 Apr 2021Hmmm... interesting. Never expect LG to roll out a third OS... moreAndroid One program is 3 years of support from release, this phone will get updates till the end of October else LG will be in breach of contract.

                  Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021Android 11 for this Last LG.. https://www.phonearena.com/n... moreHmmm... interesting. Never expect LG to roll out a third OS update for this phone. Even HMD Nokia has stopped updating their 8 Sirocco, and that is also a 2018 Android One smartphone.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • 0w6
                    • 03 Apr 2021

                    Android 11 for this Last LG..

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                      • Anonymous
                      • 0tQ
                      • 01 Apr 2021

                      Android 11 has appeared for the Canada version

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                        • Lg g7 one
                        • jnM
                        • 01 Apr 2021

                        Surprised yesterday upgraded os to Android 11

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                          • Shimul
                          • Aba
                          • 01 Aug 2020

                          I can't send mms from default message app unless remove one or more attachment bt I haven't any attachment to remove
                          Anyone have any idea what to do? Thanks

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                            • Zak
                            • Aba
                            • 30 Jul 2020

                            AnonD-946414, 24 Jul 2020Where do you buy it? May I know?A showroom from Bangladesh. Costs 160 usd. Comes from abroad.

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                              • AnonD-946414
                              • vV5
                              • 24 Jul 2020

                              Zak, 21 May 2020I've bought this phone just 3 days ago.. LGG7One in 2020!!!... moreWhere do you buy it? May I know?

                                Afzal, 10 Jul 2020Is there display protection on this phone i mean garilla glass?Yes it's Gorilla Glass 5 IIRC.

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                                  • Afzal
                                  • uNV
                                  • 10 Jul 2020

                                  Is there display protection on this phone i mean garilla glass?

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                                    • Zak
                                    • Aba
                                    • 21 May 2020

                                    I've bought this phone just 3 days ago.. LGG7One in 2020!!! It's all about fantastic
                                    It's ridiculously smoother and faster, excellent cameras and an amazing screen. Battery life is great..on screen time 8-9 hours..charging time is pretty fast just takes 1 hour 10 mnts to get full. It has no heating issue even during long time game play it's so cool. The old snapdragon 835 processor is still able to gear up for most demanding games. Hi-fi quad dac inside is superb with a hi-res earphn. Such a lovely phone.

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                                      • Nic
                                      • 0tP
                                      • 01 May 2020

                                      Luke, 19 May 2019Hey I have the same phone myself, the laser is used for the... moreG2

                                        Kadar, 18 Dec 2019After getting Android 10 update yesterday I cannot add fac... moreThe same on my Goolgle Pixel 2 XL. Goolge just DISABLED the universal Face Unlock feature on Android 10, now there is only Pixel 4 series can use Smart Lock's Face Unlock feature. If you really need an Android 10 with Face Unlock working, go to XDA and flash a custom ROM.