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Aadrian, 29 Aug 2018This G7 is very interesting, especially when it's priced co... moreYeah, not everyone needs the last generation SoC. I'm alright with sacrificing a bit of performance (which I will not notice a lot) for an adequately priced phone.

  • Anonymous

"WPC&PMA wireless charging (US version only)"
Thank you very much LG for caring about your European customers.
I can't help but wonder why in the world a third-tier phone maker Umidigi is able to integrate BOTH NFC and Qi wireless charging in their models (Umidigi One Pro and Z2 Pro are just a couple of examples) but a first-tier global giant like LG cannot do that. This is not a tech limitation but a marketing one—if you want wireless charging in a device from a first-tier manufacturer in 2018, be prepared to pay an arm and a leg for it.

  • Anonymous

I was excited until I saw the chipset. 835?? Really LG??

  • Anonymous

every phone from LG have 3000 mah 😀

This G7 is very interesting, especially when it's priced competitively. If you pay much less for this Phone, who cares about a last generation SoC. Most people don't, but it saves some bukcs for sure.

  • Anonymous

Too many ways this phone could've been better to mention one by one. Bottomline, if LG had too many SD835, they should've just released an LG G6s 4th quarter of last year with an upgraded chipset. Seriously, there's no SD835 phone with a notchless tall aspect ratio, microSD card Slot, 3.5mm audio jack, standard screen (none of those "Edge" type), decent battery, ingress protection, and most importantly, having a relatively compact size. And an LG G6 with SD835 could've been that. In relation to this, the V30 should've been bigger, to compete with flagship Notes from other brands. It's not as big as the "sweet spot" for a lot of consumers, apparently, but it's not compact enough for the other demographic either.

This or the honor play?

  • Drake

The biggest letdowns of this phone is 32 GB flash and 1080p@30 recording. It's a SD835 for god's sake.

  • PrimeAI

Everything looks excellent for mid-range segment (hope it is mid-range), but LG should have added dual camera & 6GB ram. Now I'll have to buy some other Android One...

  • Anonymous

I was so happy to see LG moving to android One but removing the wide angle camera? That was the main reason they got my attention and why I use a G6. I'll wait and see for a G8 one or G9 one depending how quickly my G6 slows. Or maybe just jump on the one plus bandwagon if they don't rise the price any higher. The Pixel 3 looks not great (not to mention double the price) but I want that cleaner android...

4nnr, 28 Aug 201832GB internal? Whos does this?A company who knows that it's not going to sell this model

  • JOHN

lg keeps messing up 32 gb internal 3000 mah really!! come on lg keep it up you are loosing more costumers

  • Anonymous

Another garbage phone 3000mah battery

  • ikon

I wish the notch was removed

32GB internal? Whos does this?

  • Anonymous

"Protection: To be confirmed"
May it be GG6?