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  • SoliDeoGloria

RishiGuru, 27 Mar 2020Don't know much about Samsung S10e, but after using both LG phon... moreHello, dear. Good LCD is a way better than any OLED, trust me. Do you know about flickering? Pixel burning? Etc...

Mawazo, 27 Mar 2020Guys should I go for S10e or V30 or G7??Don't know much about Samsung S10e, but after using both LG phones V30+ is my choice. Others may vary.

Reasons to choose V30+:
1) Uses OLED panel, G7 uses LCD.
2) V30+ display produces deep blacks & more vibrant colors.
3) Display is wider than G7, more multimedia consumption centric.
4) Avoids the ugly notch of the G7 display.
5) Better implementation of LG's Quad DAC, audio output through headphone jack is slightly better.
6) Rear camera hardware is identical on both, however G7 is a straight downgrade from V30+.
7) Bigger battery in V30+ will provide way better battery backup. I am a power user and the G7 somehow made through a day on single SIM. On dual SIM mode forget it. The V30+ however on same configuration will easily last me throughout the day.
8) The Snapdragon 835 is still plenty powerful and beats any mid-range processor.

However G7 is not all that bad, I like some of its features like:
1) The internal speaker is really loud.
2) The display maybe not as pleasing as V30+ but can get very bright. Sunlight legibility superb.

There is some major technical issue with G7, with the phone having very high base power consumption. The phone eats battery like hell even when not in active use. My Meizu 16th (Meizu 16 in China) with same battery capacity, same SD845 SoC, more RAM can last me a full day but LG G7 cannot. LG is hiding some truth from us.

At the end of last year I sold my G7 mainly due to its anemic battery life. No phone is worth if it cannot last a day.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]lucky you...I'll try to steal next time if possible. I was willing to buy silver for even 15000 but after 2 days only black was available at 15k. and it doesn't make sense spending 25k here g7 wins for value for money

Guys should I go for S10e or V30 or G7??

  • Anonymous

RishiGuru, 19 Mar 2020Yesterday bought a brand new LG V30+ from Flipkart (India) at ju... moresilver color was available at 13k??

You can get this phone 2nd hand for less than $150 even a $120... For that price hard to beat, decent hardware even in these days and good quality too unlike past LG flagship phones like cof cof G4. All around a good buy for the price the only con would the almost non existing updates for this phone.

M1999, 05 Mar 2020Using it for a little bit over a year now. Phone is great for th... moreOther than somehow passable battery life of LG G7+, it was not a worthy purchase for me. The camera is one of the more major deal-breakers which led me to sell the phone last year and sticking to LG V30+.

I woefully disregarded Anandtech's highly regraded reviews coz I am a LG fan. Below is a quote from their LG G7 review...

Anandtech: But the biggest disappointment from the G7 ended up being the camera. Even though the G7 employs the same main camera sensor as on the V30, with the same optics, the G7 consistently underperformed its sister flagship. I have no idea what happened here but the image processing on the G7 was just atrocious and absolutely not worthy of a flagship device. LG's heavy-handed and pointless usage of a harsh noise reduction filter which creates a water-colour effect essentially destroyed a large amount of detail in the vast majority of scenarios, defeating the purpose of having a 16MP sensor in the first place.

Yesterday bought a brand new LG V30+ from Flipkart (India) at just INR 11,700 ($156) without exchanging any old phone. Period.

Insane as it may sound this is a whupping 74% price drop from initial launch price of INR 45,000 ($600) in India. I already had the silver one last year @ INR 23,250 and now bought a new black one for my wife.

Flipkart provided this amazing offer to only their "Plus" members, that too for the first 3 hours of "Big Shopping Days" sale. The deal was just too hard to resist, hence bought it at a heartbeat.

Price was set to INR 13,000 ($174) for the 4/128 GB version in silver/ black colors only. After using credit cards, 10% flat discount was available bringing the price down to INR 11,700 ($156).

Delivery was fast too, the phone arriving today morning. Intially arrived with Android Oreo, upgraded to Android Pie. On the other hand, the LG G7+ (6/128 GB) was selling for INR 17,000 ($228) during that time. I have used both phones, and trust me in my user experience V30+ is the superior device. I sold my G7+ last year.

Pros of V30+
1) Way better OLED display
2) Bigger and wider display for better multimedia consumption
3) Better battery life
4) Better Quad DAC implementation, V series have the best audio quality over headphone jack.
5) Better camera
6) Currently cheaper than G7+ by INR 4,000 ($54)

Pros of LG G7+
1) Processor is one generation ahead, more powerful
2) Dual SIM VoLTE support, V30+ has single SIM VoLTE support
3) 2 GB more RAM than V30+
4) Will receive Android 10, V30+ limited to Android 9.

Personally after using both V30+ & G7+, I always tend to go for V30+ for gaming & multimedia consumption. It has a more wider display and hence the characters in the game becomes bigger, more prominent & immersive. The yesteryear's flagship Snapdragon 835 SoC in V30+ can still beat any mid-range processor be it Mediatek Helios G90T in Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro or Snapdragon 730G of Realme X2. The G7+ has the Snapdragon 845, but the display is too thin to my liking and hence experience is not so good in gaming. Also GSMArena gives V30+ a 93 hours battery endurance rating whereas the G7+ can only reach 77 hours.

Android 10's most favorite feature, the system wide dark mode also be easily enabled on V30+ system settings, making the V30+ a easy choice for me.

  • Anonymous

joshuabdlaire, 09 Jan 2020Should I buy this phone or redmi not 8 pro. Performance on this ... moreI used both of them note 8 pro is very hot when u play pubg g7 also become hot but not like note 8 pro. Battary backup is good on note 8 pro if you considered this i suggest you to buy lg g7 at any time

  • Anonymous

My LG G7 ThinQ software update couldn't install and sent back for repair.they couldn't repair it so they gave my money back

Android 10 Beta for LG G7 is on the way. https://youtu.be/XmhDJSpCqUc?t=4

  • M1999

Using it for a little bit over a year now. Phone is great for the proce. Camera is not the best but still decent. Front cam is meh. Screen is a little bit too big for me, but at least I'm able to hold it in my hands unlike the G4 (which was a little bit too wide). Front camera is only 8 mp and litterally no upgrade comparing to my G4, but it is still usuable and sharp enough.

My screen resolution is now 1080p instead of 1440p (changed it in the settings. I litteraly saw no difference unless it was 5 cm from my face) and SOT is between 6 and 8 hours. Can use it for 1-2 days. Not bad for only 3000maj

Updates are a little bit slow, but the same as my Samsung galaxy tab S5e (so don't blame LG for slow updates). Both are running android 9, januari patch, and recieving android 10 in Q3 so shut up about only LG being bad

LG G7 ThinQ is absolutely flagship killer. I'll call it hidden gem. But not best. Any phone is the best at that time. And this phone is the best at that time.

SSSENPAIII, 19 Jan 2020i hope someone help me i have a lg g7 thinq g710ulm11g.....thi... moreIn Which Country In India Lg G7 thinq got Android 9 update in September 2019

Bobthebuilder , 16 Jan 2020Hi ? Does anyone ever try to go deep analysing redmi note 8 pro ... moreLg g7 thinq is the complete Flagship phone.don't compare it with Redmi and Realme phones.its way better than all available Chinese brands in the market.

  • Noe

Bobthebuilder , 16 Jan 2020Hi ? Does anyone ever try to go deep analysing redmi note 8 pro ... moreexcept battery. .no brainer, go for G7

  • Adi

Carlos2019, 14 Feb 2020Has anybody receive their Android 10 Update yet......????Android 10 update will come in 3rd quater of 2020...... .... Lg is really bad for rolling out software updates...

  • Puran

Carlos2019, 14 Feb 2020Has anybody receive their Android 10 Update yet......????Not yet in india
Got there Software development centre in bangalore but nothing happening with mobile communication division

Has anybody receive their Android 10 Update yet......????

  • Anonymous

R R, 06 Feb 2020What about the navbar below, can it be replaced with sliding nav... moreYes,in settings you can change it