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LG G7 ThinQ

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  • dariov.recio

i love this phone,but cant afford,

  • RD

Anonymous, 16 Apr 2021lol where are in 2021 and yet you are living in 2015 where ... moreLMAO

  • Anonymous

Ra-Iri, 13 Apr 2021Does this phone have bootloop issues like the previous G se... morelol where are in 2021 and yet you are living in 2015 where SD810 plagued every phone

  • RD

Ra-Iri, 13 Apr 2021Does this phone have bootloop issues like the previous G se... moreNo never as I'm replying you on my G7 right now.just purchased V50 few days ago can't wait it to arrive I'm so excited

  • Fen

It is written in the specs that this phone can record video up to 1080p@60fps with the selfie camera, but can't find any setting that enables 60fps on the camera app, am i missing something? or the specs are wrong?

Does this phone have bootloop issues like the previous G series phones?

  • Rich.E

I'm gonna miss LG big time and if I had to replace my LG G7+ tomorrow, I really wouldn't know what to get in its place.
Sure the battery life is only so so, the updates have been slow to arrive and the camera is ok for my needs but not more.
But as a music player this thing is an absolute gem.
Get a decent pair of iems, switch it into high impedance mode and use a decent player like USB Audio Player Pro, and you're set for some sonic magic.
Thanks, LG, for really putting it out there for us music lovers.

Gonna miss LG

✍️,Lg was among those companies who invest huge money for their R&D department.Just imagine what will be happen for copy cat chinese brands ,their devices get inspired only from the big manufacturers like Apple,Lg,Sony, Samsung only.

✍️,LG is officially out of the smartphone business.I miss Lg Mobile.

✍️,After Lg mobile windup.Mabile market going towards saturation leval.In upcoming years we will see more mobile manufacturers will be back to the pavilion. OnePlus will be the upcoming brand preparing for their windup.

AMohapatra, 05 Apr 2021Absolutely same here. A beautiful experience since over 2.5... moreYa, i was desperately waiting for rollable and fold screen by LG as they mentioned that they are working on it.
Man.!! It is a sad news for a LG fan.

  • avatarma

always the same problem about battery, they are joking with this 3000ma.
now even chiness phones use 4000 or 5000ma as a must.
i loved the lg G2 and since only garbage production unfortuntelly.
i respect those having good opinion about the lg phones as they are very rare.

Muzik, 25 Mar 2021Wow! What an experience of this device. It is been 2.5 year... moreAbsolutely same here. A beautiful experience since over 2.5 years.

Will miss this in future. Thanks and RIP LG Mobiles.

I owned Nokia 700 when it shut shop and now LG G7+ ThinQ when LG Mobiles pulls down curtains.

This era is not of good people but of those who can do anything to sell themselves and to sell stuff.

Almost a perfect phone, too bad it has some software customizablity issues i dont like. Turning on the mobile date is a bit of a hassle because of the confirmation pop up, settings is a mess too, but the search bar negates the problem. Dark mode disables the notch hide effects, stock file manager is decent but can be better. Build wise its amazing except for the glass back, however, the nfc and wireless charging compensates this nitpick of mine. The freaking quad dac tho is actually quite nice, the clarity is nice and i can even sometimes accurately pin point instruments on low bitrate audio files, even the freaking bass drum can be actually heard (using a tin t2 iem) and its better than your average smartphone audio. The speakers can get loud if you place it on a table, idk why they did this but its sometimes annoying if your holding the phone while its backside vibrates a bit. Battery is an understandable tradeoff for the specs even though my last phone had 4000mah battery it didnt quite bothered me too much, quick charging does the job which also helps. And finally, though i dont care much about smartphone cameras, g7 actually has a great one, manual mode has some freaky potential if used correctly too, the software actually tries to be faithful to the actual colors of what youre taking pictures at, and the stabilizing is good too.

  • Hasan

Muzik, 25 Mar 2021Wow! What an experience of this device. It is been 2.5 year... moreGreat Phone Using for 1.5 Year's. Great for it's durability.For elder it is good phone.Not like those samsung xioami make with plastic.

Wow! What an experience of this device. It is been 2.5 years and nothing changed in terms of performance and other outputs. I am using this mobile for everything like play heavy games, listening music at 100% volume with quad DAC and DTX on paired with ATH M50x and sony high res wired set. Not even a single percent changed. Performance is just like new. Battery is a little down side from the beginning but fast charging and wireless charging support didn't let it down. I shoot 4k and sometimes under water also. Listing music in rain is different level of happiness.
Through that time, i went many stores and even now to see what else is in market but trust me none is able to provide full package. And now mobiles prices are like white elephant and non-flagship/ base variant mobiles are not worth of upgrade. Most of them are FHD display, no headphones jack, no high quality sound, built is also not like this mobile. I am very much happy with is mobile. Let's see if anything comes up which at least give full package like this. I always prefer a Non-Chinese mobile as security point of view.
Thanks LG.

MorakBeatz, 08 Mar 2021My lg g7 is always showing emergency only and it very frust... moreTry re-inserting the sim or may be your sim is broken or too old. May be sim got scratches. Happened with me in Nov last year and sim replacement did good work.

  • Anonymous

Joey, 23 Mar 2021Sometimes I am on a call and the phone goes to HD Voice whi... moreGo to network settings> Network mode > 2G only

  • Joey

Sometimes I am on a call and the phone goes to HD Voice which sounds good, but the other party cannot hear me well. I do not know how to keep the phone from doing that. Any advice?