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Almost a perfect phone, too bad it has some software customizablity issues i dont like. Turning on the mobile date is a bit of a hassle because of the confirmation pop up, settings is a mess too, but the search bar negates the problem. Dark mode disables the notch hide effects, stock file manager is decent but can be better. Build wise its amazing except for the glass back, however, the nfc and wireless charging compensates this nitpick of mine. The freaking quad dac tho is actually quite nice, the clarity is nice and i can even sometimes accurately pin point instruments on low bitrate audio files, even the freaking bass drum can be actually heard (using a tin t2 iem) and its better than your average smartphone audio. The speakers can get loud if you place it on a table, idk why they did this but its sometimes annoying if your holding the phone while its backside vibrates a bit. Battery is an understandable tradeoff for the specs even though my last phone had 4000mah battery it didnt quite bothered me too much, quick charging does the job which also helps. And finally, though i dont care much about smartphone cameras, g7 actually has a great one, manual mode has some freaky potential if used correctly too, the software actually tries to be faithful to the actual colors of what youre taking pictures at, and the stabilizing is good too.

  • Hasan

Muzik, 25 Mar 2021Wow! What an experience of this device. It is been 2.5 year... moreGreat Phone Using for 1.5 Year's. Great for it's durability.For elder it is good phone.Not like those samsung xioami make with plastic.

Wow! What an experience of this device. It is been 2.5 years and nothing changed in terms of performance and other outputs. I am using this mobile for everything like play heavy games, listening music at 100% volume with quad DAC and DTX on paired with ATH M50x and sony high res wired set. Not even a single percent changed. Performance is just like new. Battery is a little down side from the beginning but fast charging and wireless charging support didn't let it down. I shoot 4k and sometimes under water also. Listing music in rain is different level of happiness.
Through that time, i went many stores and even now to see what else is in market but trust me none is able to provide full package. And now mobiles prices are like white elephant and non-flagship/ base variant mobiles are not worth of upgrade. Most of them are FHD display, no headphones jack, no high quality sound, built is also not like this mobile. I am very much happy with is mobile. Let's see if anything comes up which at least give full package like this. I always prefer a Non-Chinese mobile as security point of view.
Thanks LG.

MorakBeatz, 08 Mar 2021My lg g7 is always showing emergency only and it very frust... moreTry re-inserting the sim or may be your sim is broken or too old. May be sim got scratches. Happened with me in Nov last year and sim replacement did good work.

  • Anonymous

Joey, 23 Mar 2021Sometimes I am on a call and the phone goes to HD Voice whi... moreGo to network settings> Network mode > 2G only

  • Joey

Sometimes I am on a call and the phone goes to HD Voice which sounds good, but the other party cannot hear me well. I do not know how to keep the phone from doing that. Any advice?

  • Anonymous

hi guys.
i wonder if anyone use this phone with sony WH-XB900N headphone.Sony says its 50 ohm impedance on wired use.i want to know if this headphone activates the hi impedance mode on g7 when connected with wire? i am not talking about aux or external device mode.

  • MorakBeatz

My lg g7 is always showing emergency only and it very frustrating.... Pls what should I do

Anyone unlocked 1080p @ 240fps slow motion video recording in G7 ThinQ ?

  • SEAN

Tech guy, 22 Feb 2021Hi i got the usa unlocked version but for some reason i don... moreCross flash to android 10 using LG UP 1.15.06.

your f*ed like me LG told me any phone unlocked or ULM will not get any update, only carrier issued phones get them

  • Tech guy

Hi i got the usa unlocked version but for some reason i dont have android 10 i want to know why becay the latest it keeps telling me is security update 2020 of February not fair because i wanted to have androud 10 so i can do so much more qnd use. Lg pay

  • Sunny

When Verizon G7 will get android 10 update?

Adwoa, 11 Feb 2021My lg g7 ia still stuck at andriod 8.0, whenever i check th... moreIn such cases, usually unless you root it or manually upgrade it o.

According to the specs, FM Radio is part of the phone, but i dont see any in-built FM Radio in mine...Any help,guys?

My lg g7 ia still stuck at andriod 8.0, whenever i check they keep telling me am using the current version.
Please any help on what to do.
Is a korean model

  • Anonymous

ken, 04 Jan 2021anyone has some kind of problem where when you hit 80% of c... moreYes. The fix for me was;

Leave phone on until battery fully dies.

Plug the phone in. Do NOT power on until battery is fully charged.

This resolved my charging issue

  • Tellion

My lg g7vm night mode doesn't work can any one help

  • Evan

AMohapatra, 16 Jan 2021Even I thought that it has changed ti green only. But it is... moreThank you very much for the information, now I changed to ink blue & it's amazing feature. The only feature missing from velvet UI is call recorder. And one hand mode is still not working. Mobile is more fluid & can clearly feel the difference.

Puran, 12 Jan 2021New update of 215mb security upto dec 2020 Apart from December Security patch, we have:
1. UI and notification icon text colour (called Accent colour and found under Display in Settings) can now be customized to any one of 5 colours
2. Volume adjustment bow shows an expandable popup and wide bar for convenience of knowing exact levels.

Above changes also confirm this is the Velvet UI update for LG G7/G7+ ThinQ.