LG G7 ThinQ will receive Android 9 Pie update in Q1 2019

Vlad, 28 December 2018

If LG's rollout last month of a beta build of its upcoming update to Android 9 Pie for the G7 ThinQ in South Korea got you excited about the possibility of there being a final release going out across the globe soon, well, hold your horses.

The company has now officially listed the release date for the stable Pie update for the G7 as Q1, 2019. And that only applies for Korea. Keeping in mind that LG's OS updates usually arrive in its home market first, and then might take many more months to reach other countries, if you have a G7 and haven't bought it from Korea we assume you'll probably have to wait at least until Q2 of next year to see Pie on your device.

While some of LG's competitors have gotten marginally faster with big Android updates, it's still the case that if you buy an LG you're guaranteed not to be among the first to see new OS versions on your phone (Android One devices notwithstanding).

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Reader comments

LG never give good user experience with aftersales service, I'am LG user from LG G4, LG G5, LG V30+, LG G7+... LG never give any update aftersales service for 2 years in my country.. I think LG just give aftersales service from first 6 months. He jus...

  • Anonymous

LG G6 oreo update rolled out in Korea on April 2018, but it took 2 more months to reach US. It's even slower for international market. In my country (Southeast Asia area), the update finally rolled out in September. So, I won't keep my hopes up, as...

  • AM

And it has already got Pie on 17th Jan. Yes, this is LG wef 2018. :)

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