LG G8000

LG G8000

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  • DG

yesterday i could try this phone for some seconds here on a night market in taipei city: the screen, video,audio,..all great ! but i found only 2.5mb free mem !!!! -> this makes the phone real shit !!!!!!!! why so small space for such a high tech phone ????? stupid, fucking shit korean guys !!!!!!

  • DG

I think itīs not right to compare this piece of phone with the Samsung phones:
Itīs much more powerful, much more features,....!

  • nastie g

wat da fuck!?!? cumon seriously now, wat is rong wit LG. they r such unoriginal bastards! look @ theie new pieces of shit. it is a direct rip off of samsung!! 1 exterior screen? pleez samsung's idea. if LG iz gonna b in da fone bizness they shud b more creative, an not a bunch of retarded unoriginal losers!!!!

  • dg

I think only 2.5 MB !!!!!!!!
The U8100 Version (UMTS) has 64MB !
I think, the MP3 function is only for ringtones ! Some asian pages report about 32 or 64MB - can't be, because I know about customer complains regarding the limited memory-capacity/MP3 functionality ! Also the usermanual (I downloaded in English) don't give answer (didn't find any info inside) !

  • hd

i need the
1)## of memory|(capacity)
2)qulaty of pic
3)for mp3 how many


  • ARMI

that is just great
yhe best handy I ever use!

  • Ryan

how much it's cost...??

  • DG

The phone is already released since longer time (end of 2002) and you can already buy it eg. in Italy !!!! On the italian LG-homepage you can download spec & usermanual in English !!!!!
The price I don't know !!!!

  • stephen

great job LG(electronics)
great desing!!!
great futurs!!!
great great great!!!
Everythings great about this phone.

but let's talk about the price??
does anyone knows the price???

Or do anyone knows where I can buy this phone??

it's kinda popstar phone!

  • DG

Is it already available ?
Where will it be launched first ?
Should already be released since March !

  • Leo Laporte

happy happy happy
to see Lucky Gold Star coming on strong in GSM!

  • Anonymous

Hmm...I never thought LG could make a hit on the GSM market but this is a beauty. One of the finest design. The Korean brand could make up it's reputation along with it's closest rival Samsung. WELL DONE LG!!!

  • mario

nice apperance.

  • Tareq

Good..........or excellent!

with these features, I think LG cam make a big name in mobile industry!

About the memory??? Any body tried this one?

  • habib