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  • FH825

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021What about the quality of the cameras?(rear&front)The front camera is pretty average, nothing special, but the rear cameras are great in the right hands. If you like to take good pictures on your phone, then the manual mode feature in the camera app is excellent, and gives you absolute control o your shot.

  • q

Impossible to buy in europe. Too late :(

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone about 6 months ago for $500 AUD ($390 USD) and here are my findings. Pros: screen, processor (SD 855), battery life, stereo speakers, sound through headphones, compact size. Average: cameras not the best but does the job, charging time could be faster. Cons: notch, software not to my taste but it's a learning experience. Verdict: Would say it's a great upper mid-range phone way better than any offering from Samsung and others in this price range. Would recommend at this price for people interested in buying.

  • Anonymous

What about the quality of the cameras?(rear&front)

LukedaDuke, 17 Feb 2021A local store is offering the phone for 190 Euros (NEW), th... moreLG has a bad track record. You might like it, you might not.

babak, 16 Feb 2021i plan to buy this handset, i currently use note 9 pro. how... more6-6.5h SOT, without gaming

  • LukedaDuke

A local store is offering the phone for 190 Euros (NEW), that is about 230 Dollars. Should I buy or let it go?

  • babak

i plan to buy this handset, i currently use note 9 pro. how is the battery life of the g8s?

  • Anonymous

I scored 5820 in 3dmark sling shot extreme test. Amazing !

  • Anonymous

Hello guys, I'm planning to switch phones from Nokia 8 to this one, I can get a good deal for a new unused G8s. What do you think, is it a good idea to get this LG?
Also what about the 8 Mpx selfie camera, does it take good photos?

  • MayurZad

I received December security patches in my Indian unit with incremental changes.

  • schubiD

RishiGuru, 16 Dec 2020LG has cut corners in G8S to make the phone cheap. The ther... morePerformance isn't a problem, even while overheating. Just the radio. It dosn't switch from 4G to 3G, hence problems with calls and SMS.
Performance, screen, speakers... all that is great, but useless if I cannot make calls or am unreachable for work and older family members.

schubiD, 16 Dec 2020My G8S has a strange issue. With intensive use (mobile dat... moreLG has cut corners in G8S to make the phone cheap. The thermals are not properly taken care here which is resulting Snapdragon 855 to overheat and throttle severely until it cools down. SD855 is a flagship SoC, capable of providing flagship performance. Heat is the byproduct of performance. More performance more heat.

SD855 needs dedicated copper heat-pipe inside the phone to absorb the heat. G8S does not have any. So the mid-frame metal chassis of the phone is burdened to take all the heat and hence the phone heats up considerably. When it crosses the thermal threshold the SoC starts to throttle proving a choppy user experience.

In contrary the LG G8X uses the same SD855 but comes with dedicated heat pipe and aluminium frame. Thats why even on extended use, my G8X never crosses the thermal threshold.

  • schubiD

My G8S has a strange issue.
With intensive use (mobile data, long call...) it starts to overheat.
When its hot, you cannot make calls - caller is open, but there is no dialing for 2minutes. After 2 minutes, the call drops.
When its hot, the number is not reachable. It fails to switch to 3G calls. You cannot receive SMS messages. VoLTE is not available for this model in my country.
The phone is fully updated.

Its out of warranty, unfortunately.
Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

Darnos, 16 Oct 2020Hello guys, Please tell me what about time of charging the... moreMine is charging good

  • Daniel

I got this phone less than 6 months ago. In all this time I had to send it 3 times for repair in warranty. First time they changed the entire screen. The second time they fixed the fingerprint sensor. The 3rd time I sent the phone for warranty the shop PC GARAGE Romania said that the humidity sensor inside the phone, visible when you open the SIM tray, is showing water damage. The phone is supposed to have an IP68 ratting. I did not immersed this phone in water. All I did was to take a photo while it was slowly raining. The problems with the signal and battery discharge appeared after 4 days of the moment I took one photo in the rain. Maybe the phone has IP68 ratting indeed, but the first 2 times when they repaired the phone they did not bring it back to the IP68 ratting. Now I am left with a not working phone by PCGARAGE Romania

sunny, 09 Nov 2020The battery is draining really superfast, it was good befor... moreIt's fine after update,using dark mode and getting 7-8 hrs SOT easily with moderate use.

  • sunny

The battery is draining really superfast, it was good before the update.

johnnyB, 05 Nov 2020Hi evryone this divace or V40? Tks V50 of course

Anonymous, 08 Nov 2020Does this phone have an ir blaster?Nope