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  • AnonD-111968

AnonD-90736, 14 Nov 2013Great phone but no Card slot and not even full hd, phablets next... more1080p is not a forward technology and so 720p is not a backward. Are u able to see the difference on a 6" screen? You must try to use the device first then you judge. I believe this will be an exciting phone. Well for me, it's not always the latest one since currently, I decided to buy a Galaxy Tab 7.7 instead of Ipad Mini2 or Mini. It's an individual choice as long as he is happy with it. But I'm excited to try this device though I may not buy.

  • AnonD-111968

RzR, 14 Nov 2013I can hardly wait to see the phone in action. Self healing body ... moreI have done it, and was able to copy the file from my pc, but when I inserted the card back to the tab, it cannot detect it. Is there a solution fof this, somd said that a card reader will do.

  • Anonymous

this phone rocks guys.


this cellphone rocks

  • AnonD-90736

Great phone but no Card slot and not even full hd, phablets next year are coming out with ultra hd resolution, so LG are far behind, wake up LG.

  • RzR

I can hardly wait to see the phone in action. Self healing body is great feature. I Think 32GB is quite enough for everything I need. I currently own a HTC One X with 32GB storage and only use half of the available memory. USB3 is great upgrade, a lot faster data transfers between computer and phone.

@LGG2 - You can't put a file larger than 4GB on a FAT32 file system, you must format the card to NTFS file system and than you will be able to put files larger than 4GB on it.

  • AnonD-111968

After I tried copying huge files into my device's microSD, I realized that it is not really necessary. I have a 32GB card in my tab, but even if the file is just 8GB, it always complained - file too large and it never started to copy. So I suggest that LG should push for more options - 32,64 or even 128GB internal memory rather than include a microSD slot.

  • Vladimir Janjic

It have 32GB of storage. For what u realy need micro sd slot?! U need 160gb storage on phone?! DAM!

  • eng2008rt

Self-healing coating on the back .. interesting !

  • Anonymous

dew, 12 Nov 2013Why LG phone makers are so stupid and make this phone whitout mi... moreNexus 4 doesn't have microsd and people doesn't call it stupid and loves itů

  • AnonD-114814

has a micro sd slot, LG announced that it has a micro sd slot. checked

  • dew

Why LG phone makers are so stupid and make this phone whitout microsd slot.Instead this phone I will buy Note 3

  • fonehome

BOTH of the flexing videos right here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H56j16OhvbM


  • adi

Wow !

  • Asmar

this is absolutely great, its will be perfect if there "Card slot". but thanks LG for this great job its just wow

  • Beto

AnonD-111968, 06 Nov 2013Wait for the G Flex 2... LG you're not listening still, 32 GB wi... moreI agree. LG is doing this a lot!!

  • Anonymous

No 3G in it???

  • AnonD-111968

Well done LG for again making the most compact 6" device.

BUT, if GMArena is correct that there's no card slot, IT'S A SHAME having a lot of space in this giant phone, 'twill be another disappointment for buyers as with G2. I owned a G2 and you could sell me your cloud storage or just keep on transferring my files to PC, I tell you, this is a smartphone and it needs to have enough space at least 32GB+ 64GB microSD(a must have), THIS IS WHERE SAMSUNG LEADS the smartphone RACE- microSD + removable battery(not a must). Don't tell me Apple fans never complained, of course they won't because it would make they much higher and perhaps they are good in deleting their files just to free up some storage.

  • Anonymous

BraveHeart, 31 Oct 2013I had the exact same thought, it's a curved screen not flexible ... moreit is flexible , check youtube videos for proof

  • AnonD-198005

AnonD-187561, 06 Nov 2013It is a pity this big flexible screen is not full HDOne can see the difference side by side only. I gone from S4 (441 ppi ) to S4 Mini (256 ppi) - my experience is that one adjust and simply dont care about this slight difference after a while. More important is humongous 3500mAh battery + "enough" screenres = loong batterylife.