LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

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  • 03 Apr 2021

My gpad is not upgrading to android 5.0 tell me why. Every time when i go to settings and in software update it says that your software is up to date but it is on 4.4.2 and all the websites say that it is upgradable to 5.0 please help.

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    • Them foj
    • rH1
    • 06 May 2020

    JME313, 29 Apr 2020It seems like everyone ten minutes it shuts down and says h... moreThe charging port likely has something stuck inside that is arching two of the charging copper strips together. There is five total on the small flat piece in the charging port hole. Many times those little copper pieces get cramed by the charging cords male end when a person plugs it into it sloppily. Use a needle/safety pin and good light to see inside the female charging port on the device. If they are bent or damaged from being crammed, Then carefully use the needle/pin to move them back in place. The 5 copper strips sit on a piece of plastic (may also
    then sit on a piece of metal. This plastic and metal tend to separate over time from sloppily pushing the charger in and also using device while charging often this causes the chargers end piece to move each and every way loosening the port to the point the end piece just fulls out. It also causes a situation when charging it won't charge unless you wiggle the cord just right, so it will start to charge.) If it is slightly bent upwards or downwards, when the charger is plunged in, it will eventually bend/cram a copper strip upwards then if pluged in after that the strip will be broken off. The most important thing is the outer copper strips are the ones that do the charging, while the inside ones are for data transfer. So the far left and far right copper strips are the important ones. Same goes for the charger male end too.

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      • JME313
      • kjU
      • 29 Apr 2020

      It seems like everyone ten minutes it shuts down and says high temperatures, why is this and how do you fix this problem its driving me crazy

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        • Brii
        • Gwk
        • 02 Apr 2019

        All in all a pretty good tablet, I haven't had the opportunity to use mobile data with it yet, as I can't afford a data plan for it while still having one for my smartphone, but as a tablet on wi-fi it works amazingly, I love being able to control my TV with it, my only gripe with it is the battery, which I can tell was just worn down by the previous owner. Another great product from LG

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          • Brii
          • Gwk
          • 02 Apr 2019

          Jolly Ariko, 03 Oct 2018Hey, I have an LG G Pad e7lte Tablet and I cannot make or ... moreThis is a tablet, not a phone, and despite how it may seem by having a sim card slot, it cannot make or receive phone calls or text messages, it can only use the LTE network to access the internet

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            • SaQi MirXa
            • KI5
            • 26 Nov 2018

            This is not work like other tablets. Its a worst tab I ever found. I could not make or receive calls and my tab could not find a proper service of any network in pakistan. There is no use or Internet via Sims.😠😡

              Jolly Ariko, 03 Oct 2018Hey, I have an LG G Pad e7lte Tablet and I cannot make or ... moreIt is not a phone.
              It can be linked to your phone but you can't make or receive calls from it.

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                • Jolly Ariko
                • fuf
                • 03 Oct 2018

                Hey, I have an LG G Pad e7lte Tablet and I cannot make or receive call with it. Any help please...? I am running out of time

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                  • rH1
                  • 17 Jan 2018

                  emma, 13 Dec 2017Why it that I can't make calls on my lg-v410 tab please helpIts a tablet not a phone. If you were told it would make calls talk to the cell carrier for the tablet.

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                    • emma
                    • Nv$
                    • 13 Dec 2017

                    Why it that I can't make calls on my lg-v410 tab please help

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                      • Linda
                      • 7Xk
                      • 10 Dec 2017

                      I can't send messages and I can't make call. It says it will be sent when the service becomes available. I can't receive calls too

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                        • Byron
                        • R0K
                        • 23 Sep 2017

                        Why cant i get whatsapp on my gpad???

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                          • AnonD-696497
                          • g4t
                          • 31 Aug 2017

                          Saud, 21 Mar 2017My tab is lg g pad 410.my tab is not upgrade.You need to use someone's sim card to upgrade. Do a reboot and try to use your browser (Chrome) because that will trigger the sim card to make contact with Google. After that, go to settings > About this Tablet and it should prompt you to upgrade.

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                            • light
                            • Nug
                            • 21 Aug 2017

                            Pls can Gpad 7.0 make calls??? Because I can't make calls wit mine nor send text.. but I just can receive text massages

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                              • Rustam Gulab
                              • KhZ
                              • 06 Jun 2017

                              Hi My Name is Rustam Gulab.I use LG Gpad .but My LG GPad Doesn't Have messaging.and some Android Game Doesn't Work in My LG Gpad.That's all.I love My LG Gpad Thanks From Your LG Product

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                                • Saud
                                • Mfx
                                • 21 Mar 2017

                                My tab is lg g pad 410.my tab is not upgrade.

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                                  • Abdullah418
                                  • 6Qu
                                  • 19 Feb 2017

                                  AnonD-23175, 12 Sep 2015Hi has anyone receive the lollipop update yet, and how's de... moreHello
                                  I am using android lollipop on my lgv410
                                  It works fine but the problems still remains
                                  The sam it closes background app
                                  When i download something from chrome or any web broswer
                                  When i go to home the download automatically stops.
                                  Thank you

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                                    • Essar
                                    • D0H
                                    • 10 Feb 2017

                                    How can I activate SIM card. G pad is telling there is no SIM card installed even though I have inserted SIM.
                                    Pl. Guide me if any body knows to use with SIM card.

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                                      • Abdul
                                      • 6Px
                                      • 02 Feb 2017

                                      My tab has 8 GB memory

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                                        • Thara
                                        • XMV
                                        • 06 Jan 2017

                                        how can I make calls and send mesaging???. I unlocked here in philipines but its saids that the simcard not inserted