LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

LG G Pad 7.0 LTE

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  • Vaseline Magic

AnonD-296301, 19 Aug 2014I have the LG G Pad 8.3 LTE, it has WAY better specs than this! ... moreWell, this tablet wasn't released as a successor to the 8.3. If you do your simple math, you'll find that 8.3 is greater than 7.0. Just because something is more recent doesn't mean it's supposed to be better. This tablet was made for people who want budget options for a nice little media tablet. Not for people who do everything on a tablet.

  • riyhrh

Tcool, 10 Aug 2014Huawei Mediapad X1 7.0 beats this crap down the sink.well that is also 200 dollars more

  • Whitney

The camera quality is absolutely terrible. It offers different resolutions but, unfortunately, instead of increasing the photo quality, it just seems to increase the image dimensions and file size. So the choice is a smaller bad photo with a smaller file size or a larger bad photo with a larger file size.

  • AnonD-296301

I have the LG G Pad 8.3 LTE, it has WAY better specs than this! Why did LG release the NEW G Pad with lower-end specs??? Seems like a downgrade to be honest.

Huawei Mediapad X1 7.0 beats this crap down the sink.

  • azzir

Got my new lg gpad 7.0..
Here are the things that i have noticed. (Bad)
-The reponse everytime you click on something on the screen is kinda slow. It will take 1-2 secs.
-The screen resolution is low.
-the speakers are located at the back, so if i am watching a video, the sounds are coming from the back. It should have placed at the bottom.
-Camera resolution of the camera is poor. (No flash)

-Battery life is awesome.
-the pad is really handy.

Overall: we expect these specs for the price we are paying.ü

  • tolits



guys cn u telme abt this phn

  • AnonD-159378