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LG G Pro 2

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  • A
  • Ali
  • Ika
  • 07 Feb 2018

Please please, don't trust lg smartphone... Never,,ever.. Even with new generation like v30 or g6.
I don't know why!!! It is really so bad. The device can't survive for 7-9 months or one year.. dumbest

    • D
    • AnonD-730516
    • gwv
    • 13 Jan 2018

    I am facing heavy battery issues.
    I changed dis battery 3rd time in 3months.
    My cell is facing heating issues.

      • K
      • Kimi
      • JYF
      • 17 Dec 2017

      Can Lg G Pro 2 switch to android 8.0 and how? Pls help me.

        • n
        • nomi
        • f}m
        • 28 Nov 2017

        its the best ever forever....in low price

          • c
          • carlosangel
          • IWb
          • 09 Nov 2017

          LG G Pro 2 is the best ever LG phone, Have had G2, G3 G4 but swicth back to G Pro 2.

            • B
            • Baba
            • fsT
            • 10 Oct 2017

            Angry Mobile Nerd, 21 Jul 2015A7 has much much better network support compared to the Pro... moreWhat was LG thinking when they made that otherwise great phone 4g problematic. I experience it in Ghana, and I know a lot of guys also experience the 4g problem in many parts of the world. Is there anything LG can do about it for us

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • uv}
              • 04 Oct 2017

              I purchased LG G pro 2 back in Oct. 2014. It was my dream phone (after my n70 dream phone that I purchased in year 2006). I really enjoyed using it. Battery was great, camera was superb, speed for excellent etc. But all of sudden almost exactly after 3 years, it stopped working suddenly & when I took it to LG authorized service center, they declared it brought dead & replacing its motherboard will cost Rs 15,000.. :-(

                • Y
                • Yavor
                • 0BF
                • 27 Aug 2017

                AnonD-679243, 22 Jun 2017Where i can find one of this phone? i want to buy it and i ... morehttps://m.aliexpress.com/s/item/32796871170.html?spm=a2g0n.search-cache.0.0.7f25570f3fAEJq

                  • l
                  • lyn
                  • Kg%
                  • 13 Aug 2017

                  The lg is good but how can i use data connection on lg g pro2 350..thanks for the help..

                    • ?
                    • Anonymous
                    • fsV
                    • 15 Jul 2017

                    this phone is the best.performance wise.
                    the battery is ok

                      • K
                      • KtanG²
                      • r3H
                      • 14 Jul 2017

                      Samson , 08 Jul 2017Attention Everyone... If You want a phone Which have a goo... moreSamson, Why the regrets... Pls explain l.

                        • ?
                        • Anonymous
                        • IV8
                        • 12 Jul 2017

                        i has been used this phone since June 2014. I'm quite happy with it. Battery yes will drain quite fast due to screen size 5.9" and background apps that running. I have changed 2 battery and thanks for removable battery so i just need to purchase at mobile shop RM85 Malaysia Ringgit. So far no lagging and games performance doing well. Only disadvantage is front camera only 2MP. I will continue support LG. If this phone dead, will upgrade to G6. :)

                          • S
                          • Samson
                          • RIF
                          • 08 Jul 2017

                          Attention Everyone...
                          If You want a phone Which have a good Battery life and suit perfectly in your hand...please don't buy this phone as long as u can....But if you still gonna buy it ? Soon you'll regret it.

                            • s
                            • skinny p
                            • fsV
                            • 02 Jul 2017

                            after uninstalling uc browser HD ..the battery is now ok

                              • D
                              • AnonD-681601
                              • 61T
                              • 02 Jul 2017

                              Ahmed , 19 Jun 2017can some one tell me why my mobile is using to much battrey You're not the only one

                                • D
                                • AnonD-673631
                                • Nu7
                                • 29 Jun 2017

                                Ahmed , 19 Jun 2017can some one tell me why my mobile is using to much battrey It might be using too much battery if there are too many apps running in the background. it might also be that you need to replace your battery with a new one.
                                My problem is much more and I am still holding on because I love this phone.
                                I bought my LG D838 on eBay in May 2015 and was quite impressed with the performance but my pride and happiness was short lived. I woke up one morning in December 2015, and noticed I didn't have any cell reception. I checked with my siblings and I seemed to be the only one who had no cell reception on the same network as theirs.
                                I swapped SIMS of other networks into my phone but still to no avail but funny thing was that whenever I change network mode to 2G only, I get reception but switching back to 3G only mode gave me nothing at all...this happened a few days after I updated the OS with a 50MB patch file using OTA as prompted (WARNING!! don't ever do what I did as that patch killed my phone). I have been writing to LG since then but no reply and it has frustrated me so much as I bought this phone for about USD 398 and didn't even get to use it up to a year. I managed it on 2G while trying to contact LG about it until the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth stopped responding also. I need the NV and QCN backup file for this phone in order to get it running again…I would really love to see this beauty run again. Please help me out.
                                You can contact me or send the file to dspartan02@gmail.com. I am open to suggestions.
                                Thanks in anticipation.

                                  • D
                                  • AnonD-679243
                                  • gKA
                                  • 22 Jun 2017

                                  Where i can find one of this phone? i want to buy it and i live in europe

                                    • A
                                    • Ahmed
                                    • KIw
                                    • 19 Jun 2017

                                    can some one tell me why my mobile is using to much battrey

                                      • s
                                      • skinny p
                                      • fsV
                                      • 17 Jun 2017

                                      this phone performance is the best..i played some graphic demanding games on it ,, it played them without any lag.
                                      i played the same games on cunrrent LG phones like lg g4,v 10 even G3 i noticed some lags
                                      performance is 100%
                                      but the battery is not that strong.

                                        • k
                                        • kashan
                                        • uHH
                                        • 13 Jun 2017

                                        Hi all! is there any one to help me know that why my WIFI is not working? it shows only "Turning on" & only blinking WIFI :(