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  • Vinay

AnonD-225388, 14 Jun 2015Lollipop will not be released LG G Pro 2 in India.Who said LG G Pro 2 will not get Android L in India. G2 started getting Lollipop in India. Even LG G Pro 2 will get but they are delaying.

  • Tony

Hey guys. I just experienced a kind of crash (with orange screen). What i remember, it stated there press volume up key for download mode and volume down key to reboot. And something with SoC. I just reboot it. My G Pro 2 currently is running the Lollipop, with SEA model. Anyone knows about this?

  • rk

LG india has made a promise to release android update in the second quarter of this year. So far do not see any updates. Second quater is about to close in another 15 days? Wher is the update LG india?

Secondly its been almost 8-9 months this OS has beeb released for Google devices and so its very much disappointing. Please release it asap.

  • AnonD-225388

Lollipop will not be released LG G Pro 2 in India.

  • Anonymous

My biggest regret for this device is after having updated it to Android Lollipop. Not only that Android L is power hungry, it also has some serious incompatibility issues. Mine for one is that it had a problem in that after my FB app crashed, it rebooted but then was not able to turn it on properly, instead it would prompt me to this green page saying "Demigod Crash Handler: HW Reset". Days passed it wouldn't charge the device or won't turn it on at all. If I could turn back time, I would have stayed to Android Kitkat and damned software update. I never encountered problem with Android K. My friendly note is DO NOT UPDATE TO ANDROID LOLLIPOP.

  • AnonD-225388

All of us should tweet LG India to update our device as soon as possible.

  • girish

hou to do conference calling in lg g pro2 handset can any one help me for this plz

  • Ankaj Kumar

This Phone Is Truely Amazing at this price point...
It was good opinion to compete with Samsung Galaxy Note 4....

  • Anonymous

Comon guys from India we all should speak to lg India for update!...its too late for flagship phone @40k Tommorow morning @11am we all will tweat to Lg India on Twitter....if u think I am joking just see the tweat from me tommorow.....so guys just attack them for are rights.....Myself Ajay

  • AnonD-225388

Will lollipop be released for this device in India?

  • scorp911

any info on L update in India, damn irritating.

  • Anonymous

When is lg updating g pro 2 its too late an flagship phone!!!still waiting

  • AnonD-401999

Please confirm, when we will have the official 5.0.1 lollipop update in Pakistan? I am using model F350L but haven't received any lollipop update till now.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

Vinay, 06 Jun 2015Why is Android L is not good in only LG G Pro 2, because LG has ... morePretty much every Android manufacturer (Sony included) has disappointed it's users at some point or another regarding software updates -- it's the Android circle of life. Today love Sony, tomorrow hate them. Tomorrow love LG, next week hate them. Next month love Samsung, next year hate them because the day will come they will all cancel or stop supporting a phone. I can tell you Samsung will not update the S4 to Android M, or LG will not update the G Pro2 to Android M and I can feel the hate-wave coming.

Honestly, I'm actually surprised LG updated the G Pro2 to Lollipop because I didn't they sold enough to care. However, that said, just read on XDA forums and most users are flashing back to KitKat because KitKat is smoother and Lollipop has some app-compatibility issues on the G Pro2 and I'll take peoples words on XDA forums than GSMarena forums any day. I would update to Lollipop if it unlocked more network bands but that isn't the case.

Like I said, if you want steady support, buy a iPhone. Or at least a Nexus.

  • bala

Angry Mobile Nerd, 05 Jun 2015Lollipop has been a huge fail I cannot understand why so many do... moreIam extremely happy with the lollipop update on my lg gpro 2.
it is completely bug free as was before and the phone now looks and feels like an all new one and looks very much future proof.
I don't see any reason as to why people should be unhappy with lollipop on lg g pro 2

  • Vinay

Angry Mobile Nerd, 05 Jun 2015Lollipop has been a huge fail I cannot understand why so many do... moreWhy is Android L is not good in only LG G Pro 2, because LG has not customized or built a better (however you want to understand) version of Android L. I have seen others (samsung, sony, htc, for that matter micromax) updating their phones and fixing the bugs by proving further updates. If someone wants just a phone for normal usage, will buy a low end phone where you don't get any updates. And people who has bought flagship phones always expect something extra and exceptional.

I agree LG makes great phones, but what's the point if you don't get enough support from LG. There should always be a roadmap for everything and LG has to learn from others.

  • Angry Mobile Nerd

Vinay, 04 Jun 2015Shame on you LG...Learn from others http://www.gsmarena.com/s... moreLollipop has been a huge fail I cannot understand why so many dolts out there still want it. Maybe thats why they're dolts.

Just read XDA forums all the G Pro2 users who upgraded only to downgrade back to KitKat.

If you want to whine about something start whining about Android M. If you want support, buy a iPhone. K?

  • jin kazama

AnonD-402478, 03 Jun 2015I haven't received the lollipop update. I am from India and this... morebe satisfied with what u have man, the O.S on which pro2 is running is much more than awesome, the lollipop update will make it worst, get some knowledge dude, jus jumping and screeching on lollipop od latest O.S is soo childish

  • praha

AnonD-399906, 27 May 2015hi vinay is your g pro 2 d838 have booting sound, i mean to say ... moreYa it has