LG GD510 Pop green nature revealed, even has solar charging

12 October, 2009

Today, LG officially announced the LG GD510 Pop … again. This time they gave green light to the in-depth explanation of the Pop's eco-friendly nature.

So what is all this fuss about? According to the new info, the GD510 Pop is an environmentally conscious phone from the ground up - starting with the materials used, going through the production process and ending with the product disposal.

The LG GD510 Pop packaging is made from recycled paper with soy ink printing. The battery charger cuts off power supply once the phone is fully charged, while the phone alerts the user to unplug the charger.

Pre-installed applications like Eco-tree and Eco-calculator under the phone's CO2 menu allow people to track how much they have reduced CO2 emissions just by taking the train instead the car, for instance.

LG GD510 Pop LG GD510 Pop LG GD510 Pop LG GD510 Pop
LG GD510 Pop

The most important eco feature of the LG Pop however is its optional solar-powered battery cover that uses the power of the sun to charge the phone. According to the official information, it appears to be more efficient than the one of its rival Samsung Blue Earth. Ten minutes of sunlight exposure should provide the LG Pop user with up to 2 minutes 15 seconds of talk time or up to 180 minutes of standby time - that's impressively efficient.

But turning our attention aside from the eco nature of the Pop, the new LG touch phone is also impressive design-wise - with a thickness of only 11.2mm.

While we're quite fascinated by the single receiver key design, we still can't figure out how you're supposed to reject an incoming call with it.

Specs-wise it has been confirmed that the phone will not have 3G support, but the rest of the specifications remain the same: 3" WQVGA resistive TFT display, 3 MP camera with fixed focus and video recording, Bluetooth, microUSB slot, and FM radio - not much different than LG Cookie.

The LG GD510 will be available in Europe beginning in mid-October (which means right about now), with other markets following soon. The solar panel battery cover will be sold as an optional accessory and its price (much like the price of the LG Pop itself) will be market and region dependent.


Reader comments

  • optional
  • 14 Oct 2009
  • LBH

lol, do u ride your bike to wherever you go everyday or walk or taxi

  • R
  • 14 Oct 2009
  • n%n

It is a marketing tool... your cell phone wont last long enough to save the needed amount of CO2 by charging with the solar pannel, as producing the solar pannel costs alot of CO2 aswell... also, there are so many CO2 friendly powerplant things ...

  • bla
  • 14 Oct 2009
  • SsZ

The solar panel battery cover will be sold as an optional accessory now how does that make sence?? lg using this whole green thing as a marketing tool...

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