LG GM360 Viewty Snap

LG GM360 Viewty Snap

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  • sheila

hi evryone,i'm planning to buy this phone..i would like to know if it is worth..what do you guys suggest me?waht are your advice?

  • Nishkmd

I'm using this phone for 4 months. It's a good phone. camera is superb, stylish. But absence of accelerometers,3g,gps,wi fi etc is a problem. the touch screen sensitivity is kinda low when compared with others. the main problem is this handset is slow. So its average

  • Anonymous

i got this phone from almost 4 months
its cool phone the camera is THE BEST
on phone i've compared the 5MP camera
vs. 10MP camera and 12MP camera with xenin
This phone's camera is the best
but you have to know that display has low
resolution(sometimes you see the squares)
and colors are bullshit but still the camera is the phones
p.s.:the diplay scratch very easy

  • faisal

this is a bullshit phone. touch pad is really bad and no stick. less resolution and messege typing is even worst... :(

  • Angela

Why i cant take off the sound of the camera when its quiet ?? :( :/

  • sb

i am now using this phone since 2 months and frankly am not too happy with it....being someone who loves to click photographs, it was very sad to discover that it does not have zooming facilities and the message storage too is very poor...rest is fine!

  • itz mmmmeeee !!

hey guys my momma just bought this phone and i tell you all sadly ...... it really GREAT !!!!!!!!! honestly this phone is awesome espaecially the camera it rulez

  • canute

Am using this phone from last 4 months . The camera doesnt have zooming facility on clicking the photo ... message storage capacity is very low .. not the best of the phones

  • Majid asadollahpour

Im interested in this phone but as im a camera oriented person so the quality of camera is the most important thing for me.as i have a lg kp500 and the camera performance isnt good indoors and as i know most of lg phones take grainy photos indoors so i want to know whether viewty snap takes good photos both indoors and outdoors like se sybershots?

  • maulik

It's a superb phone with Wi-fi features. Camera flash quality is superb.....

  • loveandlost

mohan, 21 Jan 2011Recently i purchased LG GM360i, it's pretty good and ease to use... more@ MOHAN..
Ive been using my gm360i for about 5months and with your concern about auto lock problem when you made or received a call its all natural. I think all touch type mobile need to auto lock the screen when making/receiving calls to avoid touching the surface button when you held it.


  • nel

is their any way that i could watch youtube by this phone, its does not support it... is their any file that i can download so that it can read youtube?...help..... to make this phone useful to me..

  • Tirumala

The Worest mobile I have sean

1) Battery Backup Very very very poor
2) Touch will repsonse very poor
3) Video player is not supporting

So many are there

  • Anonymous

Can any one please inform me, the music play back time on flight mode of this model.
I shall remain grateful.
e-mail address

  • phoneshop

Does anyone know if this phone quadband or tri band?

  • Anonymous

Absolutly lousy phone. Mine has been in for repairs for the same fault four times in 6 weeks. It is now being exchanged for a different model.

  • ZUK

Catalin, 16 Jan 2011It doesn't have WLAN (Wi-Fi) ;)It has wifi

  • siddhanr

hey frnds dis is the best touch phone till date @ such a low price, with a decent camera, additional features direct access to sns sites.......but the problem is its battery life it does not last for even12 hours nd it does not support live streaming of videos

  • Max

What kind of video files are supported by this phone? Cuz i realized it doesn't support youtube vids, can ne one help out here?

  • mohan

Recently i purchased LG GM360i, it's pretty good and ease to use. But one thing i strucked in autokey lock. I went to phone settings ==> Auto Keylock and i select to OFF its says completed. But when i try to call anybody defaulty it get's locked, idk why please anybody can you help in these....