LG GM360 Viewty Snap

LG GM360 Viewty Snap

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  • farica

saw it for the first time and fell in love with it

  • Jay

I Really like this phone, im happy with it and there is nothing wrong.
LG makes the best things for the best price.

  • Ricky

Evening all. I recently got a HTC Wildfire on contract, but wasn't massively impressed with it, so I decided to sell it and get something a bit cheaper. With a friend's wedding coming up, I wanted something with a decent camera. With that in mind, and a budget of £100, it was a toss up between the Sony Ericsson Elm, Samsung S5560, and the Viewty Snap. I must say, a week later, I'm not disappointed.

The camera is superb, as is the mp3 player (which I am using with my gourmet Sony earphones), and for £79 I really don't think you can't go wrong. I got mine from Carphone Warehouse, who are currently offering a discount on memory cards when purchased with a phone. So I was offered a 4gb memory card for £10.99, an offer that I was happy to take advantage of.

I'll be honest, the phone isn't perfect. Although in general, I am very happy with it, the only areas which I feel let it down are the internet and the casing. No 3G or wi-fi make the download speeds pretty average, so I wouldn't advise you to consider this handset if you're a prolific downloader. having said that, it's perfectly adequate for browsing facebook, BBC sports, hotmail and so on. Couple this with the fact that Opera 5 is pre-installed, and most casual browsers will be fine.

The other niggling issue that worries me slightly is the chrome-effect plastic trim adorning the edges, and the top and bottom of the phone. Although mine hasn't shown any marks yet, I'm pretty confident that this would scratch very easily, particularly if you chucked it in a bag, or kept it in the same pocket as your house keys, or loose change. So if like me, you're slightly anal about scratches, I would definitely recommend getting hold of a nice soft case.

Overall however, I'm very happy. The touch screen, despite being resistive, is very responsive, and texting is absolutely fine. I listen to music all day at work, although I do have the USB cable plugged into my work PC to keep the battery going. Call quality is second to none, and the handset looks and feels great in your hand. I have seen a few negative reviews, but in all fairness, I can't agree that they're justified at all. Just keep in mind that the people who usually review this phone are probably used to using iPhones and other upmarket handsets. If you're used to budget and mass market phones, believe me, you won't be disappointed.

  • Sotiris

Could you please tell what's the video resolution(playback) on this phone???

  • Nick

VIKRAM, 04 Aug 2010wake up lg team wake up if u cant make good phones like samsung ... moreSamsung???? xaxaxa Yoy can not compare the samsung with the lg my friend!!


wake up lg team wake up if u cant make good phones like samsung then plz copy them & make some good tv commercials like samsung

  • cpw

if it just had wifi it would of sold well because its cheap... alas..

  • lg mobile

before 4 years all samsung model have low specification like lg now mabe lg after 2 years have a good chance to have asame specification like samsung now


no 3g ,no video call camera, no wifi.. only 5 mp camera,,too old specifications and very poor thinking......try somethn new......................

  • jain (india)

Final wordings for LG- with the todays market, LG WHICH IS THE 3rd brand is very incomplete product with comparing to samsung. because LG S all handsets are missing somethng n something in every level frm low to high end somewhere it missing the torchlights somewhere mp3 grade ringtones,and somewhere dual speakers for LOW END PHONES. WHEN WE COMES TO MID RANGE PHONES again LG IS missing something, like somewhere dual sim card,somewhere poor type of slow user interface.somewhere accessaries and finishing. and in the higher range with tuch phones it dont carrys the current market thinking like all the high end phones have very cheap type of accessaries, somewhere missing 3G some where videocall camera, somewhere wi fi connectivity, somewhere browser connectivity.somewhere battery powers. it means when i compare this product with samsung I FOUND it is a missing product.ACCORDING TO INDIAN MAINTAILITY, IF Lg will do something with this wodings of mine LG CAN MAKE its positions strong in INDIAN MARKET.OTHERWISE................................­.......................................... BEST OF LUCK.

  • Anonymous

cyber sldier, 10 Jul 2010Very worst phone in first time i think.Looks cheap like others L... morethe only thing that looks cheap about the phone is the camera on the back of the phone
the camera its self is amazing...i think you may either not have one and not like lg or just have a faulty phone because ive had my phone for 4 days and love everything about it!

  • Anonymous

tesco have it for sale at £69.97 with O2 coverage = win

  • Anonymous

£89.99 on O2 :P

  • JAIN (india)

NO 3G no wi fi only 5 MP CAMERA & SNS FEATURE ITS TOO OLD try something new very poor thinking from LG.....

  • Anonymous

Only £99 in the uk, its the cheapest 5mp camera with touchscreen phone ever

  • Ilija

cyber sldier, 10 Jul 2010Very worst phone in first time i think.Looks cheap like others L... moreplease tell me about the wi-fi.does it have?

  • cyber sldier

Very worst phone in first time i think.Looks cheap like others Lg phones-cookie jig,cs 290 and other.But most dissapointment is his camera.Horrible photos, worst 5 megapixels ever.But for price about 150-170 euro you can't find something else better.

  • anonymous

i agree, LG could have done much better( camera wise)

  • Amit Anand Jain

LG could have done much better.

  • J

AlX, 23 Jun 2010No... LG does not make high performance phones. They are lightye... moreHave u use LG Phone before?? If not dont simply comment. They are some model are really impressed!