LG GM360 Viewty Snap

LG GM360 Viewty Snap

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  • 1

how do you get skype?

  • mark

misszy, 13 Oct 2012i recently switched frm o2 to giffgaff sim. i got my goody bag b... moretried text settings to 2020

  • Kuljit

Pls give me reseting coad gm360

  • misszy

i recently switched frm o2 to giffgaff sim. i got my goody bag but the facebook i have on my fone is from facebook for everyone and this doesnt work! anyone know the problem. plz help me

  • ccpyue

My LG GM360i the touch screen is response extremely slow. Especially when moving icons around. Anyone know where is the problem?

  • untold_story

I bought LG GM360 in September 2010 from Germany. The phone works perfectly and I don't have any complaints. The only thing that I miss in the phone is Wifi but that's something one should check before buying. Although, the phone works just fine I wouldn't recommend it to others because there are better phones out there in this price range.

  • fani

how to use facebook in this device? i can not login.

  • cutewishes

If you charge the phone over night like it says in the manual the battery life lasts quite long. The only problem is that everytime i put the heaphones in it keps radomly calling my mum and it messes up my music!

  • Benito

i cant surf wth my fon nd it seem silence mode is set as default. i hav tried to change profiles but it still returns 2 silent mode. settingd for th browser will not save either... plsssss HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! shiitobu2011@gmail.com

  • sunnyji

alvin, 07 Jun 2012where did i buy battery for my lg gm360i because it was over cha... moremenu>entertainment>game&app>applica­tion>lg help desk

here u get ur add ,where u get ur betteri

  • Anonymous

can anyone tell me if you have to be on the internet so you send and retrieve pictures thanks.

  • alvin

where did i buy battery for my lg gm360i because it was over charge and no longer functioning did anyone till me where i buy battery in the Philippines

  • Karam

My brother gave me LG GM360 as a rakhi gift.this is superb mobile. it's camera is 5mp is too good so i dont need any camera to capture the pic. picture quality is too good. this is best mobile phone.
thanks brother.....

  • peter

i just bought this phone last week. and i'm loving it! it's good. i can connect to internet fast. it's camera is superb! very clear. it appearance is so cool. beautiful!

  • harry

this phone is good! i'm lucky to have this.. 5mp camera with flash, awesome!

  • Silhouette

Andyx98, 22 May 2012 I agree I bought it on a £10 a month contract and cancle... moreYou do realise this is a 'resistive screen' which requires a stylus or finger nail to easily work. It's not meant to be swipe easy like a 'capacitive screen' that we are used to last few years.

  • chinezu90

How can i watch Youtube on this phone ... i must instal something or.. what.. cause i try a lot of things to make youtube work pls help :P

  • Andyx98

na, 19 Jul 2011Rubbish Phone I agree
I bought it on a £10 a month contract and cancled it after a day. I then bought a nokia brick from 2001 of a friend and I like that more!!!
The gm360 has a crap touch screen,rubbish reception, bad messaging, bad internet and the battery runs out after 2 hours of media

  • Anonymous

tinashe, 07 May 2012i did this factory reset for my lg gm360 but now its bin a week ... moreit should take about 10mins to factory reset

  • AnonD-55047

how do i download music onto this phone