LG GW910

LG GW910

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  • Shah

Having window 7 and No WiFi?
100% Rumored

  • Sublime

People are comparing this to the Mondrian & Dell Lightning. Fair enough i guess but those 2 phones look to be absolutely massive. If this is a fair bit smaller i think it would be a much more attractive option rather than carrying around a virtual laptop in your pocket...

  • Giovanni

Very interesting and elegant
I want specifics on the lg gm600 (2 scarlet tv phone, for the Brazilian market) please

  • anis

awesome outlook.i think LG this time wont go with 256k display..

  • Anonymous

This looks like a solid phone. I just wish that Microsoft would go ahead and manufacture their own smart phone, and no, I'm not talking about the KIN. This is a great start, though.

  • Anonymous

no suprise


its looking amazing

  • Shenlun

I think it's alright. I would like to see htc offering as I currently run a tytn II.

but the Mondrain doesn't appear to have a keyboard, please correct me if i am wrong?

  • Anonymous

looks a bit like omnia hd with that silver strip on front

  • Anonymous

This phone will get blown away by the Dell Lightning unless LG prices it much lower

  • Danger

On the surface, looks like a very well speced phone. Has all the features I need in a phone i.e. 3.5mm jack, LED flach. Lacking in spec's like wi-fi, battery and size but should be up to spec.

  • Anonymous

look at the htc mondrian it has 1.3ghz processor..

  • Anonymous

Good specs...

  • viper†

THIRD ! i think this will be the best phone right next to moto droid 2 (shadow/or one with keyboard)

  • Venom

don't like LG that much but this one seems nice

  • Anonymous

Nice design, cool phone. I like it.