LG GW910

LG GW910

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  • Marco

Alu, 06 Sep 2010I wish Microsoft every success with WP7, but I think its go... moreLG is the only WP7 manufacturer, other include: HTC, Samsung, Dell...

  • Anonymous

Alu, 06 Sep 2010I wish Microsoft every success with WP7, but I think its go... moreGood thinking. I think microsoft needs someone who reasons like u in their mobile department. Wish them goodluck all the same

  • Gaban

hmm..hope SonyEricsson will come out with WP7 too..

  • yonip

i noticed most smartphones nowadays have given up on the infrared feature of the phone. i just hope that someday these phone manufacturers would be able to incorporate the capability of tv remote controller into smartphones. just a wish.

  • Zamroni

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2010noo card slot??????Other than not supporting multi-tasking, WP7 also does not support external memory. Some people in Microsoft must think that these not-supporting things were the one that made iPhone succeed.

  • Anonymous

does not contain card slot ???
LG not a company which can change the look to windows phone 7 .....

i hope my opinion is wrong

  • Alon

I love the direction WIN phone 7 is going. Large clear icons and text, a refreshing departure from the usual widgets\folders\apps interface.

The hubs make a lot of sense: Instead of having 5 social apps, you use all those networks (facebook, twitter, myspace...) from one place.

Now we need apps to fill those hubs, and a really good sync with the "Big" Windows OS.

  • Alu

I wish Microsoft every success with WP7, but I think its gonna flop monumentally! Why? Because LG is the wrong manufacturer to start with. Okay sure the other phone makers are are not interested so their options were limited, but this was a chance to get better relationships with the smartfone newbies or uderdogs. Toshiba, Dell, Acer, HP. They could have capitalized on relationships that exist already because these are big PC makers. The fact is, hardly anybody moves from a Nokia, SE or Samsung and goes to LG. It just doesn't happen, but these are the customers they need to get. Work with the other known PC makers, because those brands are already associated with windows anyway. So when someone sees HP+Windows, they can trust it coz thats what their PC or Laptop is as well. This LG thing ain't gonna work. Oh and this fone looks too much like a Samsung Omnia HD!!!!!!!

  • nitin

nice to see that LG launch first WP7 & i m waiting for it now i think to buy it first...

  • Anonymous

noo card slot??????

  • Anonymous

This seems like a pretty promising device just from all the OS demos I've seen. You can't take all of what's on there as 100% because that spec sheet is based of what very little info has been leaked on it. This thing could be way more powerful upon its release for all we know. Anyways, I'm excited for the OS, I love it's looks and with MS OneNote on board (with the rest of the office suite I'm sure) this thing will be just an amazing productivity tool. I just kind of hope for audio to use the Zune MP3 players as a reference because those are truly the best of the best for music.

  • Anonymous

lg has to provide the TV out with HDMI port.

  • Anonymous

LG has to provide the business card scanner, document editor and outlook mail with one note.

  • Anonymous


  • Mithona

Shah, 11 Aug 2010Having window 7 and No WiFi? LoLz 100% Rumored u should read agian..it also mention WIFI..

  • Mobilemaster

This lacks a memory stick?? How could this be possible? Or it has memory stick?

  • Anonymous

now this looks like omnia hd

  • CSL

Danger, 20 May 2010On the surface, looks like a very well speced phone. Has al... morelacking? LoL!

  • JOHN

it's a LG...

That means everything

  • Anonymous

Shah, 11 Aug 2010Having window 7 and No WiFi? LoLz 100% Rumored chk ur eyes..visit a optometrist..lol..the phone has wifi