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LG GW910

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  • Anonymous

what about memory? please give me detail of internal and external memory

  • chaity

which is better,android OS or windows 7 OS??

  • Anonymous

One thing to remember is that MS are pushing cloud services. As far as they are concerned your data should all be stored on SkyDrive, your email on Live Mail (or whatever crummy web-based email service you use), and your music and videos streamed using your Zune Pass. Social networking is all cloud-based as well. Thus they won't worry about storage space on their devices, as they don't see why you would need it - they don't quite realise that data costs to many of us are still horrendously high.

  • Dubz

I keep thinking that I'd be happy living the Symbian life, once I get rid of my Blackberry, but the more I look into the new WP7 OS the more I'm begining to like it. I'm not really a big app kind of person. I'm not a heavy social networker person either so the OS's ability with that dosn't matter too much. I'm more interested in the way it interacts with Windows 7 for the PC, and how much I can really do on this thing. I'm probably one of the few people who use the MSN SkyDrive feature which can come in handy and it'll be awesome if they can incorporate that feature into the phone, or make is possible to pull up files from my PC using my phone like the Homegroup funtions. I don't know how I feel about LG being the first company developing it, but they do have a very soild rep in the states, and I don't really see them screwing it up. The lack of an SD Card slot, dose suck, but if it can link up to my computer at home or has a big internal memory I wouldn't mind too much. I think this is going to be a very unique development, I love the look of the OS, it's simplistic which is a good thing, at least I think so.

  • Anonymous

yonip, 07 Sep 2010i noticed most smartphones nowadays have given up on the infrare... moreWell even though most companies droped the IR tech, newer TV's are equppied with DNLA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, you name it companies are sticking it in them. The Samsung GalaxyS phones can all function as TV remotes considering you have a compatiable Samsung model. But with that being said, I'm sure that once that feature builds up, some third party will develop something to suite those needs/wants.

  • Adnan

pls check here for more information


hey its look is very good, im waiting for dis phone to operate windows 7,mainly in dis is that ithas 1ghz processer

  • hitendra.LG SSC

can i used video call in this phone ?

  • hitendra.LG SSC

can i used video colling in this phone ?

  • Twitter CPW_846

lol i had a play with this today.. it was awesome.. it worked so well. intuitive and quick. bounce around the hubs seamlessly.

im Android through and through but i have have to say. im looking forward to seeing what this does to the market.

  • shayan

I'm sad
I waited for 5 month to see the feature of WOS 7
but this is just like non-OS phone

  • Anonymous

ggggggaaaaaaaaays but good and exciting

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Sep 2010iphone4 dont have card slot provided with 16/32gb internal memor... moreWindows Phone Seven Does'nt support memory card for data security.

  • Anonymous

iphone4 dont have card slot provided with 16/32gb internal memory. i would predict that this phone internal memory be at 32/64gb. therefore, don't need a card slot.

  • Mobilemaster

Stadtionalist, 07 Sep 2010U really think this phone will not be introduced without a cards... moreWindows 7 mobile phones can't support memory cards! This is the truth. It's sad.

  • Anonymous

Must have for any smart phone

1) Dual SIM
2) Stylus input in addition

  • Stadtionalist

Zamroni, 07 Sep 2010Other than not supporting multi-tasking, WP7 also does not suppo... moreU really think this phone will not be introduced without a cardslot? Unless it is getting a 16GB or bigger internal memory I guess you can make a safe bet on saying it WILL get a card slot and it WILL be shown in the stats once this phone becomes OFFICIAL. And I haven't seen proper multi-tasking yet on any phone... At least, not better than my WinMo 5.0 already did six years ago.

  • Mobilemaster

Ram?? Internal memory?? We can't know anything right now about those?

  • Anonymous

wats the memory capacity

  • Marco

Marco, 07 Sep 2010LG is the only WP7 manufacturer, other include: HTC, Samsung, Dell...* LG is not the only WP7 manufacturer, other include: HTC, Samsung, Dell...