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LG GX500

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  • doyin

can anyone pls explain how I can speed up this phone when accessing the contacts and where can I download applications such as a virus scanner?

  • Anonymous

efren, 16 Feb 2011this phone sucks. once you restore your backup contacts, it... more
I'm really sorry to read about that.

My gx500 runs smoothly, the problem you refer never happened on my mobile.
The speed didn't change after backing up + restoring my contacts.

  • efren

this phone sucks. once you restore your backup contacts, it will run very very slow in opening contacts which it takes about 5 minutes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Feb 2011Please can someone tell me a site where i can download this... moreZedge site where you can download everything.good day

  • S.M.Jothi Raj

I bought this piece recently and surely it is much better piece than the similar models available in the market.
It is bit slow and you cannot have more themes.
But on the whole it is really a good one.

  • Elijah

I rade the specitfications of this LG GX500 i discover that there was no anti theft tracking device on it while GX200 have it, it would have good if GX500 which is rated higher should have it.

  • Anonymous

Please can someone tell me a site where i can download this phones games and apps.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Feb 2011PLEASE HELP. Does this phone allow you to recieve messages ... more
Of course!
It's a dual active phone.

  • Anonymous

PLEASE HELP. Does this phone allow you to recieve messages and phone calls from both sim cards all the time? i.e will I be able to see messages as I get them without switching between sims??

  • A Herz

Anonymous, 07 Feb 2011Pls can someone tell me if LG GX500 takes applications like... moreys it can i have allready installed dictionary and Bolt brawser and the holly Quraan

  • Su

Hi, I heard GX500 runs on MTK (same platform as Chinese Phones). Is this true?
Can someone tell me what chipset it use. i.e. MT6***. Probably you can figure this out when you connect it USB then the device is recognized by this number.

  • Anonymous

Pls can someone tell me if LG GX500 takes applications like Dictionary and bible.

  • Ziko Zaki

It's a so slowly Mobile

  • Delroy 69

Hi Does anyone knows if the keyboard to write is on also available on AZERTY type ?

  • Venugopal K

I think one of the best java phone LG has released so far, decent battery back up as far as touch phone is concerned, good music player, poor earphones, Yes it is slightly slow, but please get it upgraded from LG service station and you can see the upgradation, that too free of cost if you are in warranty period.

  • 5800

Suigar, 30 Jan 2011Compare LG GX500 And Samsung B7722 1-Samsung Lcd = Bigger ... more
Nice comparison!
You forgot one very important thing:

Samsung = 299 EUR
LG = 159 EUR

  • Suigar

Compare LG GX500 And Samsung B7722
1-Samsung Lcd = Bigger
2-LG LCD = Better Quality
3-LG Battery = Better
4-Samsung Camera = Better in Night(Flash)
5-LG Camera = Better in Day(Better Lens)
6-LG Speed = Slow
7-Samsung Java Installation = only on Phone Memory
8-Samsung Widget = Better (Can Download New One)
9-Lg Have Task Manager
10-Samsung Data Memory (SMS & Contacs) = Better

  • Anonymous

Can any one please tell me the music play back time of LG gx 500 in flight mode?
i shall rmain obliged.
e-mail address

  • Shreenidhi

Which would be the best PC sync Utility for GX500?
I want to backup my messages and other files. For SE K810, I used My PhoneExplorer. Anything similar for LG?
Thanks in advance,

  • 5800

Dave, 21 Jan 2011Does this phone support dual standby mode for the 2sim, I m... moreOf course it can!
It is not only dual standby,
but also
dual active
it means that if you're talking on one SIM and someone calls you on the other, you can answer the 2nd call and the person doesn't hear a "phone offline sound").

I'm quite happy with this GX500.
Of course, it isn't a smartphone, so you can't expect multitasking or anything like it, but it does what I need on a secondary phone - calls, sms and mms and a decent battery.

I use it as a free time phone, my main one is the HTC Legend (Android 2.2) and of course it is kinda stupid to compare these two mobiles.
If I didn't need internet access everywhere, fast and reliable mail, .doc and excel editor and at least a 5MP camera for work, I would use this LG GX500 all the time.