LG GX500

LG GX500

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  • Derrick

I bought the phone on the 26/08 and about after an hour or two I started facing problems with the touchscreen, it didn't give me proper feedback so I went back to the dealer I bought it from looking at the problem he replaced the handset and after an hour the same problem persists even on the replaced one...My verdict is not to buy this phone, if it starts showing problems after an hour who knows whats next...Waste of money...

  • Brijesh Praveen

This is relly good dual sim phone and looking so cute. good batrry backup, 2 sim any time on wating fecility

  • Brijesh Praveen

Proud to having LG GX500

  • Brijesh Praveen

Exelent phone, and good features

  • Brijesh Praveen

Which is best video converter (PC) for LG GX500?

  • Anonymous

this model just released in the philippines
google cmkcellphones price 11,500 pesos

  • lane

exelent phone, for a little money you get a fantastic phone

  • Ashwani

Feature wise phone is good, but battery is bad
it can come to end all of sudden to zero, at present
Their is no commitment of talktime from LG,

  • Anonymous

is it gud 2 buy tis phone r nt??

  • vamc

in sepcs its menctioned messaging as threaded view but its not avalable.
dont go for this phone i am using i am not satisfied

  • Krishna

Rahul, 11 Aug 2010I have seen many reviews and videos too. It s really quite good ... moreHi friends,
i want to buy dual sim mobile with good camera clarity, and java files should be installed and it should connect to internet.eg. operamini browsers,bolt browser etc. Is LG GX 500 is suitable for those conditions. i feel better qwerty keyboard, but lg gx500 is touchscreen. if u know plese suggest me which phone is suitable.

  • Anonymous

LG is always a loser in the GSM market , they always the last to bring the technology, they even fail in alot of aspets specially the software, and you if want to sell you second hand LG , you loose over 80% of its value. its just a waste of money.
my advice buy a real mobile (samsung, sony ericson , Nokia , HTC)

  • Neeraj meerut

its very goood phone............................

  • Sameer Khan

This is relly dull sim phone an loking so very nice batrry 10 hrs talktime 2sim any time on wating fecility Thanks Sameer Khan

  • Anonymous

Hi people. Im trying to update this phone to the latest firmware.. Can anyone confirm me which his the lastest version? mine is GX500AT_V10e..

  • Anonymous

Arup Kumar Roy, 15 Aug 2010Check the massage center no...Hi people. Im trying to update this phone to the latest firmware.. Can anyone confirm me which his the lastest version? mine is GX500AT_V10e..

  • Arup Kumar Roy

SAS, 15 May 2010All functions of my new LG GX500 seem to work except for sending... moreCheck the massage center no...

  • jain india

missing 3G.............

  • nilesh warghade

i am very happy to buy this phone

  • Gagan Mishra

after purchasing LG GX500 it is a very exellent phone as it covers all the requirment like the best features of this phone is its Dual Sim Capability,Camera Clarity, expendible memeory n its look is amazing , so i feel so lucky to be a user/ owner of LG GX 500