LG isn't giving up on smartphones

Vlad, 15 January 2021

A recent report from Korean publication The Elec announced a dramatic development in tow for next week, namely that LG would announce its exit from the smartphone market.

LG begs to differ, however. According to the company's global communicator for consumer tech, Ken Hong, all of this is "completely false and without merit. I won't even justify that rumor with a statement". Which is ironic, because a statement is exactly what this seems to be.

LG isn't giving up on smartphones

Anyway, in case you were afraid that the mobile world would lose LG, rest assured, that's not the case. The company is working on an exciting looking rollable smartphone to be launched later this year.



Reader comments

They have..LG V50. The best phone from performance, design, battery, size, features.. just perfect. I wish it didn't have the notch but I can live with it.

  • Patii

Like here in Qatar you can't get Lg phones i don't why, Lg need to focus on marketing world wide because they have good smartphones but marketing is the big issue

  • Anonymous

I have an LG phone and in my opinion their alot better then expensive phones I have not had my LG phone for more then a week but LG is a brand that is loved and trusted I have 3 other LG products as well I can't fault LG on any of their products...

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