LG isn't giving up on smartphones

15 January 2021
The company was adamant about denying a recent report.

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  • Patii

Martinez , 18 Jan 2021You're right availability of Lg phones is still a problem Like here in Qatar you can't get Lg phones i don't why, Lg need to focus on marketing world wide because they have good smartphones but marketing is the big issue

  • Anonymous

I have an LG phone and in my opinion their alot better then expensive phones I have not had my LG phone for more then a week but LG is a brand that is loved and trusted I have 3 other LG products as well I can't fault LG on any of their products what Soo ever

Lg is good brand for me, better than samsung , but it has to work upon it's marketing department and software department too .
Am so worried about what lg ceo said 2 to 3yrs back may not come true
Trying to raise lg profits, needs alot of research in order to to boost their mobile

[deleted post]Are you playing again kid? Next time I won't reply you anymore if you are like this.

you, 20 Jan 2021your opinion is wrongTell me why? Are you an LG hater kiddo?

  • you

Mobilemaster, 16 Jan 2021I am glad they will continue to making smartphones! Now the... moreyour opinion is wrong

  • I amasc

Mobilemaster, 16 Jan 2021I am glad they will continue to making smartphones! Now the... moreI am glad they will continue to making smartphones! Now they have to come with a better marketing strategy, better pricing, sell their phones worldwide and they will start to rise.

  • phonepro

C'mon LG get into the game with a few mid range smartphones with O-LED display and in screen fingerprint sensors. Along with a beefy 5000 mah battery and a snapdragon 690 or 750 and it will be ultimate. Don't forget some high quality cameras.!!!

  • Anonymous

LG should not give up and should improve on worldwide marketing availability as some countries like Singapore ended up don’t have new LG smartphone after g7 plus and v40 thinq models.

  • Anonymous

Dear ceo please launch the LG smartphone in Singapore as well as I missed them and also I hv also used LG g7 plus phone more than 2 yrs until last yrs November. Ended up I changed to iPhone which I felt totally different than android.

  • AnonD-961247

Anonymous, 18 Jan 2021Chinaware, spyware whats the difference anyway? Although I ... moreI wish and hope they don't start following Apple blindly like others are doing by not using their brain. Most of the people still want 3.5mm Jack in the headphone but these companies are more concerned about selling their BT headsets and paying with the health of the people. I heard that LG Phoes has Superb Sound Quality. I am waiting for V70 or G9. Issue with V60 is/was that it is too bulky and too heavy. If LG can come up with a phone which has good screen quality and nice curvy design (I found Xiaomi Mi 11 design beautiful but that phone is waste due to no 3.5mm Jack), At least 8 GM or ideally 12-16 GB RAM, Display size shud be around 6.2-6.3 and not too big like 6.8 etc. and must have 3.5mm Jack . Then I guess their sell of that phone will hit Sky in no time.

  • Egils

kevinmcmurtrie, 18 Jan 2021Maybe LG could just outsource or open-source the software. ... moreYou should try to turn on hotspot... Heats up my LG Velvet so much that it is uncomfortable to hold it in hand.

  • Martinez

pentel, 17 Jan 2021Problem with LG is availability, cannot buy LG V60 or LG V5... moreYou're right availability of Lg phones is still a problem

  • Martinez

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2021LG should not give up.. Markei is changing again.I really like lg v40,g8 but I missed where to get. I mean LG 's phones are not every where there marketing is weak I wish they should correct this

  • LG v20 Lover

They should go back to LGV20 roots, 3,5mm jack, flat screen, maybe even second screen for notif. only, big battery, good camera, MIL-STD-810G (this was the bomb, my v20 survived so much over the years and it's still working, build quality was there), additional ip rating, removable battery and ur good to go. People would go mad about phone like this.

  • Anonymous

Try learning from Apple. Give me minimum five years of updates and give them to me when I need them not one or two years later and then that’s it. That is why I’ve always hated android.

From the comment section, I could only make out that customers still have respect for LG.

I think LG should get their game together, forget marketing and all, just get good phones with open source software with only cosmetic enhancements, like a user said before me.
And don't follow stupid trends like 3.5 removal, fast charger removal, memory card slot removal, etc.

I had a hellish time trying to get V40 ThinQ in my country, but had to settle for G8x in the end, which is a fantastic phone with that audio quality, and acceptably-great cameras, and a non chinese Snapdragon 855 phone in $350 with all this is worth it...

Maybe LG could just outsource or open-source the software. LG delivers the security patches late and the OS has an unrefined feel due to bugs and lack of polish. I got a Velvet 5G and the first greeting tells me to never remove the battery while the phone is on or expose the phone to moisture. The touchscreen has phantom touch bugs requiring a restart. The CPU governor regularly puts the phone into slow-mo. DND except favorite contacts is total broken. On and on... It's not broken but it's clumsy.

  • Anonymous

Chinaware, spyware whats the difference anyway? Although I just wish LG (or even other manufacturers) to give customers what they want like a 3.5mm, more battery, and sd cards; I dont like another phone that comes with no charger or a silly notch(18:9 or 16:9 or bust, no cheesy pin camera!111!)

  • Carol

Kriegsherr, 17 Jan 2021if you follow a little cautiously, looks like either they d... moreWell, they aren't the only ones that do not pay, HMD does it too. I am tough glad LG stays cause i would hate to see only chinaware crapp taking over the mobile market. That would be the day i start using home phone for calls.