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  • 28 Jan 2021

Jay, 12 Jun 2018The touch screen is flipping ridiculous, has a mind of its ... moreFRRRRRR broooo. the keyboard was always pressing letter that i never even clicked on, it held the letter down and spammed it for the longest time.

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    • polanstronk
    • nTm
    • 12 May 2019

    Today used as mobile LTE router

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      • Craig
      • FTe
      • 02 Jul 2018

      Swipe down from the top to turn on NFC

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        • Jay
        • q$J
        • 12 Jun 2018

        AnonD-275119, 29 Nov 2017I agree about the touch on the screen its hard work sometim... moreThe touch screen is flipping ridiculous, has a mind of its own most of the time. Sporadically touches places I'm not even close to, keyboard touch is waaaaayyyyyy of most of the time too. Will send a message that I'm not even done with because the screen glitches when touched and hits the send button out of nowhere. So sick of the phone honestly. Coverage is horrid, standing right next to cell tower and I've never seen full bars, I could be in the same spot and it's constantly 3g to LATE and back. I could go on and on.

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          • LDJSTEAM_99
          • Pbv
          • 07 Mar 2018

          LG has lost quality in these times, and many phones, in many aspects, are not as they were. The famous LG K3, has a camera that gives the desire to mourn honestly, is very poor in aspects such as the coverage, the quality of colors on the screen: Everything is wrong. I hope some day they think that they have to improve, because I believe that BLU is far above in many aspects such as the quality of the screen, the camera, the sensors.
          If you want a phone with the same features, but with more improved features, you should try a BLU DASH X LTE, that even has no problems with coverage, has a great camera, has an HD screen (1280x720), even supports OTG , and in short, it is the most beautiful among all that I have found historically low-end.
          Therefore, LG is not like before, which goes ... I prefer the BLU DASH X LTE, which is much cheaper, and with better specs. (In the sense of its advantages, for which the LG K3 loses in its entirety.)

          If you do not want to suffer, it is better that you do not even buy it, spend less on an economic model like the BLU DASH X LTE.
          And in fact, you can compare both phones here, to see the two, which is going to be better for you.

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            • masilo
            • BgY
            • 26 Jan 2018

            i put a micro sd card in my LG K3 LTE fone but it does not show when i check fone memory

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              • AnonD-275119
              • dVj
              • 29 Nov 2017

              I agree about the touch on the screen its hard work sometimes.There is also a feeling of the case not shutting properly after opening to put battery in .If someone knows how to sort the screen problem it would be greatly appreciated or else its going back it is only 3 days old,K

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                • Ghazwan
                • pWH
                • 22 Nov 2017

                JO1122, 16 Oct 2017This Phone suck ,terrible battery life,the touchscreen is v... moreThe phone is not bad for a phone with such price and such specs
                If you want better phone then use your credit cards better :)

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                  • john1389
                  • gIV
                  • 29 Oct 2017

                  good phone.

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                    • JO1122
                    • IBW
                    • 16 Oct 2017

                    This Phone suck ,terrible battery life,the touchscreen is very innacurate and the camera is as good as a Motorola KRZ from 2005 please dont waste your hard earned money !

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                      • Abdo
                      • gyh
                      • 07 Oct 2017


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                        • Anonymous
                        • f36
                        • 25 Jul 2017

                        Anonymous, 22 Jul 2017Their isntenough internal memory I never have enough storag... moreWhat can I do to enlarge the memory..how can I transfer the phones data to memory card?

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                          • Hyk
                          • 22 Jul 2017

                          Their isntenough internal memory I never have enough storage space,


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                            • Sn SM
                            • NRg
                            • 21 Jul 2017

                            Rough on phones so I purchased one of these as a "work" phone a while back.
                            YES it is waaaaay short of features in more expensive phones but I'm not gunna
                            cry if I break the screen on this if I'm working somewhere... It makes calls, the
                            camera isn't great but its good enough for taking snaps and the bigger screen
                            is nice. It is what it is....

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                              • AnonD-680022
                              • 353
                              • 26 Jun 2017

                              There isn't the k3 version 2016 on the photo, becouse it's the version 2017 !

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                                • candice
                                • N9p
                                • 26 May 2017

                                gd phn

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                                  • qx3
                                  • 10 Apr 2017

                                  Miss K, 13 Oct 2016This device isnt all that bad people that are commenting ab... moreWow

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                                    • D33malo
                                    • N9p
                                    • 07 Apr 2017

                                    Good phone

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                                      • haresh chauhan
                                      • vwe
                                      • 12 Feb 2017

                                      good phone

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                                        • AnonD-637026
                                        • jBu
                                        • 23 Jan 2017

                                        K3 is plenty fast within limited specs for a low end.
                                        Camera quality is inferior to a potato.
                                        3gb of usable internal memory is not adequate for today's bloated apps. Not SDXC compatible. 32gb can only hold so much. Call quality is is quite alright. LED flash beats no LED flash for a low end.Nice and bright. UI is easy to navigate. Battery life is manageable. Charging the battery is a long process unfortunate. It's a better than nothing or better than other low ends with lesser features type of phone.