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LG K92 5G

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SCREEN BURN, 21 Feb 2021I was in between choosing the A51 5G and the K92 5G and I s... moreI have lg k92 5g and i like alot vs my galaxy 71


DenDan, 12 Feb 2021If this have AMOLED or any kind of display with UDFS behind... moreI was in between choosing the A51 5G and the K92 5G and I said to myself "well there's already a ton of positive feedback on the A51, so I'll test out the LG K92 instead." Boy what a perfect choice. Side Finger Print Sensor is amazing and reliable, Dual Speakers....need I say more?, 64MP Camera with good quality back and front facing photos, amazing and fast processor where I can play Call of Duty on High Settings and Apply Themes and Launchers that would've been slow on my old LG SYLO 6. And lastly the exclusion of AMOLED was the only thing I was worried about until I went back into the store to play with the AMOLED A51 5G, just to see on what I was missing, the phone had SCREEN BURN! What a piece of hot garbage. 100% Satisfied I didn't go with the SCREEN BURN AMOLED Phone with a useless on screen fingerprint sensor and useless facial recognition. LG K92 5G

  • DenDan

If this have AMOLED or any kind of display with UDFS behind the screen and IR blaster i will have buying it for sure.

Looks pretty from the back, diferent and stylish. Thia shows LG is there doing some work after all.

  • Anonymous

have been using for a little while although its a little underwhelming for my expectations but wayy better than the stylo 6 i was using. it drains battery faster while on 5g networks but overall passable.

  • ObjectiveReviewer

As an artist, the phone's aesthetic is great. Though the punch hole camera's placement is too low and the top bezel is thinner than the bottom one, the overall design looks premium unlike other top phone brands that looks exactly the same. It is unique and an innovative design. I hope you could make your phone smaller (

  • Anonymous

Oo, 23 Dec 2020What a ugly camera...seriously who use 4 camera. I hardly ... moreWhy is it that we always find one faulty or the other. There's hardly smartphone perfect without any negative remark by people. lol

  • Cat

The size is good for gaming and watching movies. The 5G connects to my family members a lot faster. I take a lot of pictures so the 128GB already included on the phone was a plus. I never knew how to switch cameras but once I did, I was obsess. Comes with built in filters that I overall enjoy. Live photos option that I love especially the pictures we took in new years. Charges really fast too an hour or hour and half top. Plus it already has the google lens on the device that is very helpful with finding items, translating, and helping my nephew with school work. It also has a finger scanner on the the side of the device for easy access and quicker pictures. The only fault that I have with it, is that it did shut off and wouldn't turn on but I hold the power button and the up and down of the volume at the same time and it restarted my device. I have yet to have any problem with it. I love my phone.

  • WTF

I'm looking to buy a new smart phone as mine is a Motorola 3.1 Plus. I've read all or most of the reviews for 7 different phones from everyone on here. I've looked at Samsung, Lg and Motorola and about 5-6 different phones for each company and I'm surprised that any of you even have a phone. All of the reviews say that each one of these 21+ phones that I've researched on this site (at a waste of about 3 hours) are huge piles of crap. Does anyone on this site actually like a phone or are you all Biden supporters who look for the bad in a perfectly blue sky day?

  • Anonymous

This shows the stupidity of LG. Should the upper bezel be thicker and in line with the other bezels, the design would have been be perfect.

  • AnonD-973296

does this camera layout remind anyone of the yelp logo?

  • Oo

What a ugly camera...seriously who use 4 camera.
I hardly use 2 camera.
Now i can understand why LG phone developer team was shut down.

  • BudgetNoypi

I want to buy this before i've seen the length and weight of this phone. It's ginormous!

  • Dan

That design is reminiscent of old school cameras, those that you put film in.

Nate, 28 Nov 2020I'm considering purchasing this phone, however I haven... moreI like it nate but this model os for at&t otherwise for cricket service for now and i like this phone alot vs. All lg phones my friend coss i also have an lg stylo6 n i didnt like the stylo 6 at all

Bobby, 03 Nov 2020It's look like LG starting to copy Samsung middle puch... moreThey r copying samsung but samsung kinda cutting corners now

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2020Nice....Well wven tho it looks all that but it's worth your money coss i have one already friend..

It also has slow-Mo Video not indicated in the specs.

  • gini

Flavio , 03 Nov 2020Not gyroscope??? Why???It has gyroscope.

  • TMAN

where is my FM radio ???

  • JaBoiBrodie

Nate, 28 Nov 2020I'm considering purchasing this phone, however I haven... moreThe front camera. Instead of the notch camera its a hole punch camera