LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Anonymous
  • XMA
  • 16 Jul 2020

Had this phone experience nothing but issues with it and in the end i got a full refund as it was one issue after the other straight out of the box. Worst Phone I had.

    I got this phone in January 2010 after bricking my Viewty. Music player sounded pretty authentic! Camera was 8MP and man pictures were actually pretty clean!! Video recording was the best! Bad part was it didn’t seem to recognize the memory card.. smh
    Had a lot of phone with this phone as my assistant. It actually broke when it fell into a second story death after 5 months. I ended up getting a Blackberry at that point.. so I actually felt conflicted. I loved the IM and emails but hated not having the music and camera!!!

      Living that 8MP life in 2008 must've felt amazing ;)
      And the video quality was perfectly normal for 2008 and even 2009 YouTube videos.

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        • AnonD-212727
        • 7JS
        • 08 Jul 2015

        Anonymous, 29 Jun 2015why can't it take whatsapp application What's App is a Smart Phone app only supported for Windows, Blackberry, Android, and iOS. This phone is NOT a Smart Phone. Sorry :(

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          • Anonymous
          • CAX
          • 29 Jun 2015

          why can't it take whatsapp application

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            • AnonD-212727
            • 7JS
            • 25 Jun 2015

            V.J, 19 Nov 2014how many hours its' battery working?If it still matters, the Renoir, it used to last maybe a day. Depending on how heavy you use it. Using internet browser, games, camera and other apps will drain your phone battery. The battery is very weak like most of the LG feature phones. But if you're just texting, and calling and light use, it lasts fairly well. But this phone it is hard NOT to use the apps because it is designed for fun.. lol

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              • arbeia
              • n5d
              • 22 Feb 2015

              Yes I agree a well designed phone camera and lens with very clear slow mo low format maybe but a real lens by Schneider-Kreuznach. Schneider are preparing external lenses for the 6 but the Renoir lens was very well balanced.

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                • V.J
                • IWU
                • 19 Nov 2014

                AnonD-212727, 15 Jun 2014Came to pay my respect to this amazing phone. I fell in lov... morehow many hours its' battery working?

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                  • love crazy
                  • 84x
                  • 21 Jul 2014

                  it's really good and better then my last phone but i don'tn really know how to use it? :p

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                    • AnonD-212727
                    • RbX
                    • 15 Jun 2014

                    Came to pay my respect to this amazing phone. I fell in love with it when I first got it. Played movies at full resolution, music player was delicious to my ears. Also the camera was just downright amazing specially for its time! The quality was great and I caught many great moments with this phone! Also featured some neat built in apps and features!! Video editing and picture editing was a breeze and battery lasted pretty decent!! I now own a BlackBerry Z10 but felt I should pay my respects to this amazing phone :)
                    LG Reno it you were an awesome friend mate :)

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                      • Makic
                      • 390
                      • 24 Apr 2014

                      I have this phone now and i have problem. Sometimes, when i play video/music he stuck and freeze... I have to pull battery out to recover him...

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                        • Crooker
                        • 9Ga
                        • 23 Apr 2014

                        Had this phone a while but camera freezes on loading plus cant view downloads from youtube it always exits !

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                          • khalo
                          • 6Pa
                          • 15 Oct 2013

                          biggy, 13 Apr 2011i have an lg kc910, its 3 months old and has stpoed working... moreIt iz my best phone . I m user almost 5 year . I have only change touch 2 time. My favrit phone lg kc910

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                            • renny
                            • LBa
                            • 15 Sep 2013

                            This phone is/was amazing!
                            Definitely the strongest phone I've ever owned.
                            After three years of constant drops and two complete water submersion, it is still FULLY functional.

                            The camera is phenomenal for it's time.
                            I like it so much I even gave it a nickname lol xD

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                              • Uros
                              • 05Z
                              • 22 Aug 2013

                              Been using this phone for around four years..I give him 9 out of 10 still.. He's great,most impressive specs for 2008 year, LG nailed others with this release back then.. I recommend to everyone-you won't regret :)

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                                • Anonymous
                                • vph
                                • 18 May 2013

                                How come there isn't an app store/how can you download apps?/can you download apps?

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                                  • mos
                                  • nYP
                                  • 07 May 2013

                                  what about hebrew language?

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3GL
                                    • 02 May 2013

                                    Funky Chic, 06 Apr 2013I received my LG KC910 3 weeks ago and over this period of ... moreIf you look after your phone it will look after you. My view is still one of the best on the Market with less added data But for a Mobile compared to a choc ice then your laughing :D

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                                      • drszali
                                      • XNa
                                      • 01 May 2013

                                      AnonD-101550, 08 Apr 2013omg... u weirdos still messaging about this phone due to st... moreEven now this phone is having a wonderful camera.Day light photos are fantastic.

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                                        • AnonD-101550
                                        • vu}
                                        • 08 Apr 2013

                                        omg... u weirdos still messaging about this phone due to still using it,,,

                                        whoever is having problems and asking questions bout this phone's capability, GET WITH THE TIMES. Don't expect much from a 2008 phone, it's 2013 now. God.