LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • Funky Chic
  • X3s
  • 06 Apr 2013

I received my LG KC910 3 weeks ago and over this period of time it has worked for about 4 days. The phone freezes and shuts itself off. Latterly it would look like it was on but nothing would appear on the screen other than a very faint background light then it would fade out. The battery is fully charged and I haven’t had it on or used it enough to use up any of the handset memory. I am very disappointed in the company I bought it from as they are ignoring my messages that I have issues. They did not take so long to take the money from my account. Shame really as sound quality, picture clarity and ease of use was great..if only it would work. Waste of money.

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    • Anonymous
    • fuv
    • 16 Jan 2013

    my phone lg kc 910 does not support whatsapp and games n also downloaded

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      • Thayu
      • U@Z
      • 13 Jan 2013

      Lg kc910 superb phone photo quality excellent browsing also good iam using this phone past 3 year
      there is no problem

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        • ali rehman
        • KI1
        • 18 Dec 2012

        red, 03 Nov 2012Do it have videocall using skype or yahoo messenger by mean... moreyes

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          • red
          • K7b
          • 03 Nov 2012

          Do it have videocall using skype or yahoo messenger by means of wifi???

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            • Lowbeem
            • 3Ja
            • 09 Sep 2012

            chris, 30 Jul 2012yea you can go onto the internet with this phone but you ca... moreYes you can use this phone to tether a laptop/pc very easily and it works like a charm! I have been doing this for a few years on this phone and never had any problems.

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              • Lowbeem
              • 3Ja
              • 09 Sep 2012

              Matee, 01 Jun 2012had this phone for nearly 2 yrs, just replaced battery for ... moreYou just need to install the software on your laptop/pc that came on the cd with the phone.Then all you do is open the lg pc suite software and select "internet kit" (make sure the phones usb option is set to internet) and thats it! your laptop will see the phone as a connection and you just select it!

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                • viper
                • ymu
                • 03 Aug 2012

                I removed the screen protector of my LG KC910 Renoir and clean the screen with alcohol now i have problem with the keypad its not responding anymore whenever i touch the unlock key it doesnt work anywork i just have to use the right side button to unlock it,and when i type a message it goes to my folder or sometimes it always prompt for insert options, i can no longer type messages,Can somebody help me to fix this or do i need to change the screen or lcd.

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                  • dinz
                  • tev
                  • 30 Jul 2012


                  Pls let me know whether it is possible to record video calls?

                  Also I need to know whether there is a "beep " sound when starting, ending and continuing voice call recording facility.


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                    • chris
                    • u{a
                    • 30 Jul 2012

                    yea you can go onto the internet with this phone but you can't connect the internet from your phone onto your laptop

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                      • Dinz
                      • Uiw
                      • 30 Jul 2012

                      Pls tell me whether there is a "beep" sound while starting, ending and continuing call recording.

                      Also I need to know about video call quality of this phone.

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                        • AnonD-62344
                        • 6Q9
                        • 09 Jul 2012

                        i have this cell phone.. apart from its camera functions.. it sux!! it cant be updated, slow operating system, slow ram... man please make that kinda cell phone so that people can put in on the table and proudly say!!! hey THIS IS MY CELL PHONE with every thing I want!!

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                          • Matee
                          • vFp
                          • 01 Jun 2012

                          had this phone for nearly 2 yrs, just replaced battery for $7, battery life is great. bought for $180 australian originally. not as good as an iphone (of course) is very good as a phone and excellent as a camera. operating system is a little slow and needs a micro sd card that has a fast write speed (at least class 6) for fluent HD video capture. touch screen requires you to press firmly (resistive not capacitive) great to use on wifi however I still havent worked out how to use it as a mobile modem connected to laptop etc.

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                            • Allu
                            • t1$
                            • 31 May 2012

                            Hey can we connect internet in lg kc 190renoir to laptop please tell me friendzzzz........

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                              • Lucky
                              • XuT
                              • 08 May 2012

                              Cell is too beautifull and godious but some operting problem so Please i want to informetion appilcations and games are not download my cell why...

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                                • Carley
                                • KI1
                                • 27 Apr 2012

                                This phone is awesome...plz buy this one cuz its easy to use and has many apps.....I love this phone, its battery is cool...

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                                  • jenny
                                  • 07g
                                  • 22 Apr 2012

                                  Anonymous, 25 Jan 2012I have been using this fone from the past 1 year and i thin... morethis phone is easy for use. or get many probrem. because I buy only one day. i didn't know how to use so can you told me and how can i download the MP3 on the phone please let me know thankyou

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                                    • AnonD-49100
                                    • 9xd
                                    • 04 Apr 2012

                                    BJ874, 07 Feb 2012i was looking for a new phone when i ran across this phone ... moreNo, isn't.

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                                      • Gautam
                                      • FYj
                                      • 22 Mar 2012

                                      I have sell my lgkc910 only 6000 plz call me 9211905015

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                                        • BJ874
                                        • q$k
                                        • 07 Feb 2012

                                        i was looking for a new phone when i ran across this phone and i was wanting to know if this is a smartphone