LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • sohrab

does it have accelerometer

  • Victor

Very ugly three buttons. Because of them the hole phone looks like cheap toy. Moreover these small button will be uncomfortable in use.
And one more issue... Why LG touch phones become more and more wide? KF700 was only 51 mm but this one is 55 in spite of fact that they have the same screen size?

  • Anonymous

the three button ruin the whole design. they should have opted a prada-like button instead

  • Anonymous

does anyone know what size this is closer to omnia or viewty??

  • rakesh eater

f-off rakesh LG stands out in terms of capabilities and user concious needs..keep it up LG..

  • ggooooggoooo

Mozac Qvo, 06 Sep 2008Looks like sh.t. How can the camera be good and really use the ... moreLG has done it again wow

  • Anonymous

rakesh, 11 Sep 2008imitaion of samsung f480 &dnnov8 lg is no1 desgin copyer in thei... morelmao imitation of samsung f480, have u seen the lg ks20 it practically looks the same as f480, and f480 came out afterwards

  • phil_mate

if you can answer this state that it's to phil_mate

does anyone know wether this phone will have security on different areas of it (e.g. messages, media etc). previous LG's do not and i believe this to be there one downfall

  • rakesh

imitaion of samsung f480 &dnnov8 lg is no1 desgin copyer in theirs mobiles

  • KK Afridi

That's veryyyyy Gooooooood.

  • Anonymous

n9wo83, 10 Sep 2008The last time I upgraded it was between SE's K850i & LG Viewty, ... moreyou will regret it. Maybe you wont believe me now but after 1 week of using a LG phone you will remember my words. I have had Prada too but I was so so dissapointed so just after 2 weeks of using it I sent it back and I bought a SE w960 which ROCKS (after you update it)

  • Anonymous

no worry...it should be window OS

  • n9wo83

The last time I upgraded it was between SE's K850i & LG Viewty, I ended up keeping the faith with SE as I'd been with them for years. Turned out to be the biggest consumer mistake of my life, nothing but problems with the K850i and all my mates that had the viewty could only tell me how good it was, gutted! The KC910 looks immense and I can't wait to get it as soon as it's released, then I'll finally be able ditch my SE, forever!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2008Wish it would have a FM transmitter like the Nokia N85... Wis... moreOops, I forgot a TV like the CVSCD-7300...

  • Anonymous

Wish it would have a FM transmitter like the Nokia N85...

Wish it would have a business card scanner (and video editing) like the Samsung i8510 INNOV8...

Wish it would have a qwerty like the HTC Touch Pro...

Wish it would have a music recognition / Picture editor/blogging like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1...

Wish it would have an accelerometer (and an SDK) like the iPhone...

  • Shou Ji

DOLBY MOBILE (enhanced in LG KC910)

Platform : Rich, vibrant surround sound to music, movies and TV Program on mobile phones

Features :
- Mobile Surround
- Sound Space Expander
- Natural Bass
- High Frequency Enhancer
- Graphic EQ (Equalizer)
- Mono-to-Stereo Converter
- Sound Level Control

  • Anonymous

It comes out in october,so pretty soon.

  • Phone reviewer

Hope it has a powerful web browser like skyfire, a powerful cpu and fast shutter speed. . .

  • DoubleR

Kean, 09 Sep 2008Just because FM Radio is not listed in the specs doesn't mean it... morewell, you're probably right about one of the dots being the light sensor, which would be the smaller one. the bigger one probably is the secondary VGA videocall camera.

  • hans Wurst

Which operating system working inside of this nice phone?
Hopefully LG haven't tinker an own OS? In this case: :-(
No software will work with LG OS, a synchronisation with Apple or Linux machines is a nightmare. But maybe they use S60 with an own GUI. This would be a dream. ;-)