LG KC910 Renoir

LG KC910 Renoir

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  • raj

i hope the price of this mobile does not more than other bcz this is the only competator to apple and othe phone

  • Anonymous

it does have a radio and no need for a lens cover because the glass on the lens is scratch proof as on the main screen

  • Anonymous

for the record, nollthing is officialm everything is under the sun. Wait till official specification posted. I know it would have FM radio with XWAVE tm from LG which is FM transmitter from LG.

  • mark p

wow what a phone this is my next phone on upgrade. my only niggle no lens cover. but why put it on KC550. and develop an amazing mobile like this and not put it one. doh Great phone LG, bad idea no lens cover.

  • Jax

The Button in the middle should be one with Joystick funktion, like on the Nokia N85.

Thats the last manko on the Phone for now... :D

  • Anonymous

Let us include the VIDEO recording and playback because this is one of the highligthed features in the mobile world today.

LG KC910

Samsung innov8

SE C905

  • SJp

let's see who is better in terms of PHOTO quality (not video)

8 megapixel contenders:

Sony Ericsson C905

Samsung INNOV8

LG KC910

  • Anonymous

maybe this phone has lens cover kinetik and too early for complaining this phone because the phone spec is not officially full spec yet.

  • charliemike

wow! this phone beats even the innov8's specs!

  • HareesH

No fm whyyyyyy?????????????

  • himanshu

NO radio ??


NO camera lens COVER for this phone.

  • Eugen

nice phone:D

  • Anonymous

look like a photoshop image

  • ANthony

Anonymous, 04 Sep 2008Nice specs! and finally wifi... If only the could do something a... moreThose are three keys.. get over it.. how much more EXPENSIVE does it need to look to make this a better phone... i mean seriously?

  • Anonymous

Nice specs! and finally wifi... If only the could do something about those keys... They look so darn cheap!!

  • anthony

balak, 04 Sep 2008why would i wait for something when i already can have a better ... moreI completely understand where your coming from... but this LG phone pretty much matches up with the OMNIA with it features.. only difference is that ones Windows Mobile and LG doesn't seem to have OS... or at least not yet.....

  • snuffy

Hope they keep fishy mode!
I wonder if it will have the motion sensor function and the M-toy thingy?
I have the Viewty which is great, only missing GPS which this new gadget has!!

  • LG

This phone has no camera lens cover again.

  • balak

why would i wait for something when i already can have a better one. of course i'm talking about (Omnia). i'm not a Samsung fan at all but i really admire this one and i think it is the best phone in today's market.
WHY better ???
it has every thing this phone has and >> a bigger screen, auto rotation EVERYWHERE, fast like a jet, touch friendly, and everything that you need from a phone this one has it.
i already have a 12.5 mega pixel camera and if i want to catch a surprising moment 5 is more than enough.
i had OMNIA for 2 days but unfortunately it dose not have Arabic language support so i gave it back and i have to wait 2 more months to get it.