LG KE260

LG KE260

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Apr 2010how can i improve d battery life of my phone.try not to drop it or scratch it in anyway. also u cud help by maybe buying a case for ur phone so it will be less likely to brake.

  • Anonymous

how can i improve d battery life of my phone.

  • sridhar

Waddap, 22 Oct 2009U can`t find a battery for it, yet you can improvise one - take ... moremy battery is not working plz can u provide new battery

  • Waddap

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2009Good phone, great features, where can i get a battery for it thoughU can`t find a battery for it, yet you can improvise one - take the battery only without the electronic part from a LG C2200 and put it instead of the old one in your KE260...

  • Anonymous

Good phone, great features, where can i get a battery for it though

  • Shur

Very good handset, i have one and have no regrets. Just one thing though, how do i change the ring tone for the messages?

  • Anonymous

driver pc

  • Dani

Samsung D600 copy gone wrong...i soppose its a good phone for its price..considering it has a Memory card slot.......!

  • Anonymous

completely unoriginal... and very bd reception were i am. terrible fone.

  • Anonymous

looks jus like the samsung d600 but it isnt as good as the samsung i must say

  • ryan

it is worth every penny spent on it and much more! can it hold a 4 gig memory card

  • alex

it's an okay phone i guess, i think it's more suitable for girls because of its design. looks like the samsung d600, but better..

  • fabulous

i bought one recently but the manual is not in english. is it available in english and how can i get to download the info in the manual?


I need PC SUITE for this phone...i need website for download pc suite...pls..10x

  • naved

this phone is realli cool n have all the feautures required but not well maintained but for reqular use it is great n at cheaper rates thah other handsets which dont give so many feautures specially the expandable memory

  • Chuba

Why this particular mobile is not shown in any LG websites? In LG web sites lots of LG mobiles both old and new models are shown but this product is not there.

Is it a duplicate product by some manufacturer assuming it as a LG product? I have already ordered and payed for this item from you but its manual or software can not be downloaded from LG website because this product is not there.

  • courtney

Its a cute fone i lkd it real much i hope everyone lkz it

  • Anonymous

how do i change the sms tone ?

  • amer

well overall its a nice phone... i even used internet on this phone... but not able to use internet by conecting this phone to my system... does any one has its drivers? the manufacturer didnt make one... i tried to get it on internet... but i cudnt... pls help me!!!!

  • Kamil

Samsung D500??