LG KE260

LG KE260

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  • Anonymous

I feel very sensuous beauty about this phone.
It shows new design guideline.
where can i buy ? I wanna make a present of a this phone to my family as X-mas gift.

  • charles

I like this phone. KE260 I love you~~

  • bily

this phone is very good and usefull.
i like this simply design. i can listen clear

  • Frank (from VODAFONE

Not sure about this phone, it doesnt stimulate my senses at all, weve already relieved and enjoyed ourselvs with the d600, so this phone is like taking a step back.
My friend Lube Tosevski said its all good.
And hes down with SADC cards

  • Anonymous

14 mb memory useless!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

One Again A Bist To Fly

  • masacre327

The similarity between this phone and samsung d600 is striking.i think lg is a good manufacturer ( i have an lg) but should try to be more original. but is known that both are made in Koreea so......i think that is the reason for the similarities. but stil lg is good and we should forgive the lack of originality.

  • simon

lg are well known for copying samsung phones, shame this ones more like a d500 copy than a d600 and even the d600 is ages old this is poor from lg.

  • Dams

There's an error on this product sheet, thsi mobile is EDGE

  • djackz

This is definitely a rip off of the Samsung D500 - 600 lines

  • Justin

How come this phone looks like a copy of the famous Samsung D600? Anyone agree?

  • Nick

Certainly looks a very nice design for those on a budget! :D