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LG KE990 Viewty

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  • raz

to ddd + replies

have to agree with all of ddd's break downs i have had the viewty (ku990) for several months now and easily outperforms my old n95.

thanks for the tip about the 8 gig though dude good shout!

my really really contraversial statement... i prefer the k850i's cam. i know its got a cheaper lens on it but the auto focus is alot more accurate as its sensors are actually alligned correctly (on the ku990 the 'red light' that the auto focus uses is slightly off).

what does the ke990 bring to the table that the ku missed? please tell me i can mod it a bit more!

  • nick

well DDD, you seem to forget that the n95 has wifi! big plus. also i dont think google maps is a substitute for GPS!!

whats mroe is the n95 runs on symbian 3rd and this runs on a java based operating system!

did i also forget the n95 has a standard 3.5mm jack for music!

oh and the camera is supposedly better on the n95, even though that isnt really a valid point as the viewty does have divx support, and 120fps video which is rather good.

but hey on my n95 i can listen to live bbc radio streams of charlton games using realplayer;)

  • none

Are there two different versions of the KE990? I plan on getting one but I need to be sure that it has the 850mhz because I am in Canada.


  • Anonymous

New phone... but old network technology... only 2G... not 3G. Another bricked phone, despite your multimedia resources... bad, toooooo bad LG!!!

  • Anonymous

U just wanted to play video games( oook) so u switched it and now u miss it so your here always; eyeing the viewty forum. You may miss the viewty but it doesnt miss u.

  • pekpek

to ddd. If you compare the specs between N95 and the Viewty, it is quite comparable. The Viewty may have more promising specs on video and pictures than the N95, but the irony is, when you compare the results, the N95 has better results both in video and pictures. I don't really care about slowmotion, I mean who would want to watch videos in slowmo, lol. Also, I used to have the Viewty, and I sold it after a couple of weeks because it is so slow in retrieving pictures. Even turning on the camera takes a while. It is a very sluggish phone. Overall the Viewty is a cool phone, but sorry, if you compare it with the N95, it does not come close to the N95's performance. But it looks way better than the N95 for sure.

  • Gilani

hello frnds i m frm pakistan. as i compare lg viewty with nokia n95 unfortunately i shall say n95 is the best choice. lg viewty is a 2g cell phone while n 95 3g. then lg viewty has 265k colour screen while n95 has 16 million colour screen. n95 has operating systen symbian 3rd os9.2. u can play with it u can install softwares vcd players sound players messenger each n every type of application. even unsigned applications. n95 has very quick response with single touch like p4. n95 has gps w lan where lg doesnot hv. here i shall mention it lg viewty is only stylelsh but in my opinion 95 is the best choice. it does not mater 120 frames/sec or thirty. the main thing is result n95 has excelent result in video as well as in pics. its user friendly.

  • Truez311

OMG People actually think the ke990 is the fake version of the ku990. LOL . now thats hilarious. Alright everyone listen up the ke990 is the north american version not a fake!!! LOL.

  • kevin

well person who saylg is better than n95 so i tell you iam n95 user as well as iam using lg viewty so tell what viewty is shit becoz it 10 days ago i was using it and my touch panel stop working after sending the phone back to company they repalce the new one after using 2 months again they give the same problem so who so thinking o buy dat phone buy it to ur own risk...

  • Anonymous

The KE990 is not fake. lol The KE990 is the North American version.

  • DDD

I'm excusing, I wroted twice KU900, that's a mistake, i ment on KU990, ( my post under this )

  • DDD

Nokia N95 vs LG KU990 Viewty - winner LG


Well guys, i must dissapoint you and tell you that LG viewty is unfortunally better than a N95, im LG expert, so tell me, in which case N95 is better than Viewty?

8 GB? I dont think so, there is possibility to ad GMC AC adapter into Viewty to stick in there maximally 8 GB, like i did. Sorry, here N95 didnt better.

Camera? I must dissapoint you in this point, too. LG KU990 is a CameraPhone, that's why is called "Viewty". LG KU900 Orange version has 5.1 mpx, and even usuall Viewty has:
-manual or autofocus, you choose
-120 fps (slow motion - N95, run away!)
-xenon flash with red-eyes-out
-possibility to choose quality and size of picture, -5.1, 5.0 mpx 2592 x 1944
-3 mpx 2048 x 1536
-2 mpx 1600 x 1200
-1 mpx 1280 x 960
-VGA 640 x 480
-QVGA 320 x 240
You can choose quality than, than you choose level of white brigness and sky conditions, than ISO: Auto, 100, 200, 400 or 800, than classic effects like negativ or sepia, self-shooter (counter), zoom 32x, makro-mikro, close to 2,5 cm, in video recording, you choose the format, 3gp, mp4, avi, etc - perfectly clean. All is completily editable, like you have film studio in it. that isnt all, but enough to defeat N95 in camera competition, sorry guys

Multimedia? You think because Nokia is bigger name than LG automatically means its better, too? you are completily wrong, Viewty can watch Avi divx files, too, i got all titanic film on it, at perfect-high-clean quality. Viewty can use more than 20 extensions (3g2p, avi...), with .exe too. LG can convert videos from one file type to another in the phone and edit it.

LG is touch screen, so it can be harder to use it from ppl which used key mobilephones for longer times, so it automatically becomes worst than N95? well to me, touch screen is a lot better, you must use on it.

GPS? sorry N95, you didnt better. Viewty has google maps and downloadable softwer for GMC navigation.

Internet? Well, LG is already connected to the net. If you record a video, you can do direct upload to youtube. you can go throw menu to "conect", and you have default options for webpages: Google (usuall and mobile), googleMail, Maps&Navigation, Bloger, Youtube. Viewty have fast and powerfoul browser, and you can download more of it's mobile versions.

I dont know what i can look on N95 what can be opponent-feauture to LG KU900 Viewty. I dont know for any of N95 feature that LG doesnt have, and it should or N95 is better at it...battery is better in Viewty... oh yes, N95 is very big and heavy, you cant put it in smaller pocket, for difference of KU990, which is very light. good bye friends

  • Marr

And it also doesnt have 5 mpx, it has 2.4

  • Anonymous

the fake version has no video call it also cannot go on the internet cause of 2g

  • Anonymous

it is the ku990 and it is not a korean phone plus the ke990 is the fake version of the real european version made in japan the lg viewty is a 3g phone also the best camera phone is the world.

  • MOBILux

Hey, there's no "secondary VGA videocall camera", it's not a 3G-phone!

  • Anonymous

The downside of LG (and most korean phones) is the battery life! Won't buy any koreans till they make something of it.

  • Faisel

I guess this is the cheaper version of the KU990, the one I have ordered and I'm gonna get it the next day!!!

  • pek-pek

I actually liked the phone and messaging functions of the KU990. The reason why I sold it was because it's camera quality is not as good as the N95 that I replaced with this. So I sold it and bought the N95 8gb. Also, the screen display is 3.0, but when you take/view pictures, only 2.6 is used, compared to the N95 that makes use of the whole 2.8 display to show pictures and videos. Also, turning on the camera and loading pics takes some time with the KU990 (20 seconds at least). I hope those major issues have been addressed and fixed with this model (KE990). But I'm so hooked on my N95 that I don't think I could let go of it for this phone. I'm considering the Samsung F480 to be the better phone.

  • blq

LG: my advice - make better KS20, with more WM compatibility and better speed (movie, games etc)

viewty is a good phone, but lack of OS is a big downside for me.