LG KE990 Viewty

LG KE990 Viewty

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  • DB

The lg veiwty is an awsome phone, the camera is great it is also 3g and it has an amazing 3inch so you can veiw your pictures properly.I personally think that the veiwty is as good as the nokia n95 8gb and the u900 & g810!

  • Anonymous

would this phone be availiable in australia?
even though we have 3g and hsdpa?

  • Flake

3G - No
Camera: ... secondary VGA videocall camera

lol, must be 1st april joke

  • Joel

Hi guys,
I have a question. Since this phone is made to work in the U.S., will it be able to go on the internet and will it be able to get YOU Tube like the original viewty does in Europe. I am in california and am with T-Mobile and my viewty can't get internet access or you tube. It drives me crazy.. the video quality and pictures are great

  • J

I don't know how but popularelect.com already has this phone available. Has anybody tried purchasing from here before?

  • James

Guys... read the review...
this phone is the same thing as the KU990 Viewty, except this doesnt have the 3G function, but has a lense cover.
This is a phone for countries who don't have 3G yet.
THis phone should be alot cheaper than the KU990!!!

Please find out more about the phone before you judge! , and I am not a LG fan!

I like Nokia and Samsung!!! WOO!!!

  • Anonymous

this is even worse than the ku990 original viewty, in like every sense...what have lg done?

  • djmuzi

April Fool's joke, my opinion ;-)

  • Jon2

@ chris

What did you expect? This phone was intended for the american market, so it must having less features and SIM-locked.

At least it's better than an iPhone. LOL!

  • doo

secondory Video call camera???????????????????

  • doo

not bad ...

  • chris

Why does this version of the viewty have way way less battery time than the viewty with 3G???? WTFFFF

  • hae

Does this phone have different xenon flash from the one in KU990(3G viewty)? Or is it the same flash?

  • AGC

Pretty sure they left out the front camera because there is no 3G, so it makes no sense to have it.

  • kirt

Yes if you own the viewty ull see its a little thicker at the lens, check it out on youtube. And Lg also said its thicker because of the cover and thats also y they left out the front camera :)

  • Anonymous

@ kirt,

Way to round your numbers.

That makes it seem like the KU990 is way thinner than this, the KE990.

But the KU is 14.8mm and the KE is 15.3mm; only .5mm thicker.

Would you really, really be able to tell the difference with .5mm added on?

Would you even care since there is the added camera cover?

And who said the reason for the added thickness is in fact the camera cover?

  • j wild

does the lg viewty work with at&t because that would be good, and for other viewers the the Lg Vu will come out around the april may time
(before the summer for sure)

  • kirt

Haha so lg was right all along... the protective lens would have made the viewty thicker. This version is 16mm and the ku990 model is 14mm. But i know alot of people wanted the protective lens so now they have that option. I own the ku990 model, and really i see no need for the protection, but its your choice :)

  • Anonymous

I actually had this phone for two weeks. Well, I had the KU model which is basically the same thing.

It is a good phone, if you like touchscreen. Only thing it lacked really was a better xenon flash (compared to the xenon on the N82, it is terrible) and a camera lens cover. So this new version is nice, too bad there is no 3G :(

I dumped it for an N82. Superior camera, better OS.

  • Vin

I take it all u people who say this phone is rubbish actually have the phone? Or are you basing your opinion from the specs?