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LG KF700

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  • enquiry

RainRover, 18 Jun 2008edmont, actually you can use virtual keyboard only in three case... moreI'm concerned with the touchscreen - what security is in place to stop handbag/ backside dialing??

  • me

Nigh, 21 Jul 2008What are you tlking about? The phone battery lasts for about 3da... morebattery life is only 2 3 days max on any and every phone so your comment is a poor one

  • apixs

flexible, unique and interesting

  • bruce

thats is so dismal TOM go to telstra the next G coverage is great

  • Nigh

What are you tlking about? The phone battery lasts for about 3days+ if you don't keep using it constantly.

  • jonathon

Tom , 18 Jul 2008This phone is absolutly terrible And im stuck with it for the... morethe only reason yur bloody signal is dismal... is yur service profider!
yu shud have checked the signal before yu pruchased the phone!
every network offers a network signal checker, if yu use it nd dnt get a signal, yur covered in the insurance, however... if yu dnt use it, yu cant cancel the contract.
so its yur own fault, and i dnt think yu charged the phone for the recomended 13hrs for the first charge!
thts also why yur battery sucks!

  • Tom

This phone is absolutly terrible

And im stuck with it for the next 16 months.

The functions on the phone are very good. but the battery life... its never lasted more than 2 days on full charge. Also, the signal on this phone is dismal! yesterday i had no signal all day, i turned the phone off and on and got a signal back, along with 8 text messages from the day before!.

Ive called 02 (who have always in the past been VERY good) and told them the phone is not fit for its purpose. they say i cannot change the phone, only get a replacement of the same thing.

so now im stuck with this phone that never gets a signal, swaps between what network it thinks im on (some days im on vodaphone, 3g uk...) and only last on average a day!


  • Anonymous


  • Bobo

hi all KF700 users...

i just want to ask, is this phone come with 3.5mm jack audio adapter in it's box?

and how about the speed of Scroll Wheel menu?i heard,it's laggy...is it?

  • Markus

Does anyone know the battery capacity?
Talktime and Stand-by?

  • Rajsekhar

This mobile is absolutely fantastic.I like the wheel on the backside of the mobile.The only draw back which worries me is its less talktime(3 hours).All the other features are really good. I am eagerly waiting for this set to arrive in India.I can't wait...

  • cc

Hey this phone looks amazing but is there a similar phone that has a keypad and touch screen, or just a touch screen with better sound and a better camera? other than the U990

  • Anonymous

if nokia pc suite is better then why did you buy a lg

  • confused???

also the screen does not auto-rotate.

  • confused???

thanks for all ur input guys, i ended up buying it through 3aus. and i fing love it, so much more fun than my SEK770i, mind i like the cameraa better on the SE but who really cares about .2 of a megapixel. only one thing i dont like... selecting links on the internet can be kinda tedious.

  • bober

i think this phone is amazing and the thebest phone i have had in years the touchscreen is perfect and is really simply to use i love the idea of the septrate slide down key pad and the use of the wheel is just amazing idea. Lg have got up in my book they where the one of the worst and now they are one of the best.i love it

  • Belgradeboy

Camera is average, speaker could be louder and slider mechanism is weak. Everything else is just great!

  • Anonymous

um can someone tell me if this camera is good a t nite and if the speaker iz loud and also between the kf700 and the w760 which one is better

  • Sarah Griffiths

I've had the phone for a week and love it except I haven't been able to transfer music from my pc to my mobile via the 'LG PC Suite'. Can somebody help me please??? Nokia PC Suite is better!!!

  • -Roy-

does this phone have the auto switch screen so that the image moves with the tilted screen?