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  • SIM RA

Dear LG involement,
This tectnology is very bad for Cambodia, I was bought this model KF700 very expensive, but LG service is very poor. My LG was problem could not switch on and nobody could not repair it, they just tell me rubbish thing, hopely I have to keep this phone unsure and never used again.

  • Anonymous

this phone is the worst phone on the planet. i had mine for like 6 months and the sensor for the touch screen has completely gone & the cost to repair it is almost as buying a new phone. while i had it i could not have accessed my voice mail. the tough pad is slow like hell.the battery life is a waste of time. it probably should not have even came with a battery because it is almost as if it didn't. this is just a waste of money

  • Devesh

charley, 29 Nov 2009i had this phone and i loved it. its great for music, texti... moreWhat about the camera and battery power and is this phone support 3D games

  • Anonymous

Boring phone. Difficult to hear it ringing, and call quality is sub par.

  • lydia

The battery on this phone is rubbish i think this is a general problem with lg phones.

  • freedom

how about the camera ??

  • Denis

charley, 29 Nov 2009i had this phone and i loved it. its great for music, texti... moreHey Charley, Was wondering if u knew how to solve my issue with T9 dictionary storing unwanted words. is there anyway to delete them individual or delete the entire set of custom words or even RESET the phone ENTIRELY since my numbers are on the SIM. is there a way to reset the phone to factory?

hopefully you can help. Thanks

  • charley

i had this phone and i loved it. its great for music, texting, calling and basicly every feature on this phone is really good. i had it for about a year and the reason i dont have it now is basicly coz i like having new phones and that i dropped it and the screen smashed. scince this phone i have had the lg cookie and now i have got the jalou. i am very happy with all these phones. if anyone has any questions please dont hesitate to ask. charley

  • charley

Denis, 26 Nov 2009Anyone know the answer to the problem I'm experiencing? ... morewell i had this phone for about a year and yes the texting did get a bit slower however to be honist i think most phones do. i have had loads of phones and this problem occurs around the one year period.

  • Denis

Denis, 13 Nov 2009The T9 Dictionary in the phone auto stores things within th... moreAnyone know the answer to the problem I'm experiencing?

also, i find the phone is rather slow in keeping up while texting. it usually misses letter that i am certain i have pressed. is anyone else having problems with the phone and texting

  • Anonymous

pat , 05 Nov 2009i resetted the touch screen setting on my phone. then it ju... morehey pat, this problem happened with me 2. u ll need to get its software reloaded again... if ur cell is in warranty, go to the seller and get its software reinstalled. i did so and it got ok

  • Denis

Nona, 12 Oct 2009Can i use these phone in Canada?Yes, i have it its got the korean writing on the numbers along with the english letters but it works great in canada

  • Denis

The T9 Dictionary in the phone auto stores things within the phone including improper/Misspelled words.

How do i go into the T9 dictionary and Delete words that i do not want in there so they do not hassle me while i text? is this possible ? if not is there away to reset it so it deletes all words?

  • pat

i resetted the touch screen setting on my phone. then it just turned off then it turned back on and the lg logo would just flash on and off. and when i take the battery out and put it back in and turn it on, it would just keep doing it. does anyone know how to fix it? thanks.

  • Geraldine

mikes lg kf700, 07 Apr 2009this is the best phone in the world.it is so affordable so ... moreMike
Hi I haven't brought a LG KF700 yet I'm hoping to buy one for christmas for myself
My Newphew has one, but I think he must have the
LG KS360 with the keyboard for writing messages.

Can I ask you which is the best of the 2 phones


  • Kavz

Edward, 18 Oct 2009is KF700 available for type or read Chinese words?This phone is absolute crap, I bought it less than a month ago, kept shutting down and restarting, touch screen isnt good at all non responsive or slow to respond to the touch, limited features, SMS is awful, T9 recognition is awful, the accesories it came with broke, my charger literally fell apart without doing anything, has absolutely no themes except for two features, the screen proportion to the keypad makes it too big and therefore quite ugly, the navigation features are so pointless, battery life is poor, doesn't last for long if you txt alot..say about 4-6 hours, the headphones are cheap quality, fell out into pieces while taking it off!I've had a few LG phones and it's safe to say LG should NOT make phones at all almost like these phones are made out of the scraps of other good quality phones, my recommendation would be HTC, Sony Ericsson or Nokia!oh and after 2 months the screen cracked!so bye bye LG never getting you again..stick to making refrigerators thanks!

  • wong muntilan

This phone didn't use symbian OS so please aware that you can't install application for symbian..The operation will be slow if there are many jpeg..

  • Edward

is KF700 available for type or read Chinese words?

  • v

only 4gb expandable? it's better to buy samsung star, w/c can expand up to 16gb.

  • Nona

Can i use these phone in Canada?