LG KF755 Secret

LG KF755 Secret

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  • Ryan

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970it usually retails from about 350-400 quid but you can pick a realy good one of ebay like i did for around the 200 quid mark

  • Intekstaf

brillaint, the Wii like gaming design is amazing

  • Impressed

Cool features with killer design!

Most of all I like the scratch proof glass and sturdy body.

One minor issues I have is finger prints!

  • Lenvin

wow!! nice phone ever i used!!! thanks LG....

  • anupam

something great from LG this time

  • Know it all

The LG KF755 is the GSM version of the LG KF750 witch has 3G

  • RTB

i dont know for sure... but what you may find is that the "camera" in the front is actually a light sensor which would adjust the backlight depending on how much ambient light was availiable... much like a nokia E65 and such....

  • John

Andrei, 30 May 2008This phone will be available only in China?this phone sucks enourmous big juicey phones

  • JAck

this phone is terrible. It cost to much and the only way ull get it and be able to pay for it is if u get a jackpot

  • John

this hone is great! but is terrible......its not worth it

  • Seby

It don't have symbian , 3G or xenon. . . .

  • John

Find the real photos kf755, there's a kamera on the front panel and no 3G support and no videocall in specification.

  • dynamic_gsm

New Lg phone , 5MP and toutch screen..but no 3G support or Wifi connection , LG are u joke ?? we are in 2008.

  • Anonymous

Hey every1. One has 3g and the other doesnt :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 May 2008whats the difference betwen this and kf750I ask the same question. LG has weird production behavior. Just like they have a LG KU Viewty and LG KE Viewty which looks the same and you can barely find any difference with their specs. Weird. That's why I've always been skeptical in getting an LG phone.

  • Brian


It's no secret that LG phones have the worst software in the mobile world, and an attrocious return rate

  • Andrei

This phone will be available only in China?

  • Karo

Secondary videocall camera and no 3G support? It's a mistake.

  • Anonymous

whats the difference betwen this and kf750