LG KF755 Secret

LG KF755 Secret

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  • Babu

Give me one mobile

  • Anonymous

please told me reset code ?

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone and i wouldn't recomend it for any body. if you have use intenet this phone hang alout buttery fast loos and you most reset the setting time by time that is a pity phone don't to buy it as a gadget it lose your money.

  • ROger

The LG KF755 Secret is a LG Black Label Series that supports Neon Touch Navigation and Touch Media Navigation. Neon Touch Navigation allows you to enjoy exquisite light and delicate vibration and Touch Media Navigation allows you to easily navigate to most of the media features such as Music, photos, M-Toy, document, FM radio.

  • Mehdi

it's one of the bests cell phones that i ever had! i love it and i hadn't any problem with that phone.It's my recommended phone for you.

  • bab

this model is perfect.

  • Vahid

Hi this phone is nice but it has very low speed.
it's camera is poor specially for indoor using.
I can not found any software for upgrading to better it's performance.
Thanks alot

  • Joshua

I would have loved it more if the Dictionary was completely Translated in English language than chinese that it is, and that the memory card compartment to last longer than what we are getting.

But the Fact remains that it is one of the Best we can get around the WORLD.

  • Osokas

I have had this phone very little time, however, there are some things that makes this phone at the wonder, first, that the memory card supported by so few, second, the GPS has no I do not know how it is specifically stated as WiFi that charge could be anywhere in particular locations on the Internet to go, it is after all not very old model, but it is a good mobile phone is that the menu is more or less the same as easy to use Nokia

  • Kim

Old phone, no firmware upgrade, don't buy

  • Anonymous

Video cam good, camera no good

  • lt_hawker

hi,,it`s good phone but not about battery.
i have big problem with video recording.outdoor everything fine but indoor when want to record video,,screen go dark & quality is very dark.
plz help

  • prudenwifey

LG fan, 25 Jul 2009I got this LG KF755 Secret more than six months there are n... moreIs this phone CDMA compaible? I don't know exactly what that means, or where to look in the "details" to see if it is. I used to have a phone just like this with US Cellular, like last year, but it was stolen, and this is the ONLY phone like the one i had. US Cellular doesn't have the one i had before anymore, noone does it seemsl so im desperate for this one, but i was told, it needs to be CDMA compatible, so i can bring it to my US Cellular store, and have it programmed. :) Thanks. Really appreciate feedback. :)

  • zac

Anonymous, 15 Dec 2009That is a software issue, send it back to LG, and they fix it.hey guys maybe someone could help me .. when i send a message to someone they received a empty message.. i can receive and send .. the only problem is when the person receives mij message he gets an empty screen.. could someone tell how i can resolve this problem..

  • Anonymous

When i had this phone i actually loved it,
I thought the touch screen was really good with it
And overall it was well worth the money i spent on it.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2009this phone is really bad. the phone hangs, battery runs out... moreThat is a software issue, send it back to LG, and they fix it.

  • Sissa

got a question for you guys.. see if ya can help me out. is there anyway i can put like some security code on my messages?? like block it and you could only see it with the password?? i had alot of phone that had this feature. but i cant find it on this one.. im starting to think it doesnt. but if ANYONE knows how to do it. id really apreciate it! :)

  • iceman21

rollyro71, 14 Sep 2009any difference between this and the kf750?3G is not involved in KF755.
Everything else is the same.

  • Anonymous

this phone is really bad. the phone hangs, battery runs out real fast as compared to nokia phone. the touch pad ain't really that sensitive. the bluetooth connection is bad too. keeps saying bluetooth connection failed. NO wonder they offer it free. REALLY DISSAPOINTRED IN LG. should not be Life's good, but should be life's bad(LB).

  • GD

Does anyone know how to password-protect files on this phone (for eg. pictures or even the memory card), can it be done?