LG KF755 Secret

LG KF755 Secret

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  • rollyro71

any difference between this and the kf750?

  • Imtaz

Can anybody tell me,whether i can use lg phone with my macbook or not?is d software has a mac os version?plz help.i need to know badly.if i can use lg as an internet moden for my mac,then i'l buy it or else have to cancel buyin it.i really love this phone.plz reply fast.i'd b very greatful

  • gg

Jewel, 02 Jun 2009I've just bought the LG KF755. I've tried to access my cont... moreyour sim card is too old, if you try with a new one, youll see all your contacts. it happened to me

  • ttruong

Can I use LG KE750 with t-MOBILE sim card?

  • Naeem

The phone is OK, but I couldnot view the Excel files. Infact the table is there, but without data. Can anyone tell how can see the Excell files ?

  • achraf

It's the best phone I've ever used; perfect in every way you can imagine. My advice: buy it.

  • danielle steele

my bluetooth does work does correct?how couldi make it work ?

  • LG fan

I got this LG KF755 Secret more than six months there are no problem since i got it , so people out there just know that this is cool phone i ever had , so many cool stuffs can you see

  • tazz

Brazilian user, 09 Jun 2009I had this phone for 4 months and the touch buttons start t... morehey jsut wondering how much did they charge for the repair...as i have the same problem:(:@

  • Brazilian user

I had this phone for 4 months and the touch buttons start to fail so I send it to the LG repair shop and what a mess. Well, the phone is good but it is not as tough as they say it is and LG really take me for granted...my advice: don't by LG!

  • Jewel

I've just bought the LG KF755. I've tried to access my contacts from my SIM card but i have not succeeded. It keeps telling me there no contacts. If i place the SIM card in another phone, all the contacts are there. Help! what am i doing wrong?

  • leonnick

the memory micro sd 8gb&16gb can use with this phone . it was tested and got no problem.

  • fran walker

having owned this phone for over a year now i must say i am dissapointed in LG. the neon displays are working on and off and the overall running procedures of the phone are very slow indeed.on a good note the video and pictures are very good but also has some features i didn't like, for instance, the settings for recording a video always divert back to message video instead of staying on the permanent video everytime you close the video function down.If you have a 4gb memory card in as i have then go and put the kettle on and make a cup of tea after you have selected the music you want to listen to. i'm not joking it really is that slow.sorry for the moan LG but the secret really has a lot of problems so much so it has put me off wanting another LG agin.A software upgrade option would be nice but still havent seen one yet.

  • Missy

Carlos Angulo, 10 Dec 2008Please someone can tell me about the battery, if I play mus... moreThe battery seems to be ok. Mine lasts for a day or two, depends on how I use it. Itook a lot of pictures from it, and have my MP3's played, but the battery stays for a day. :) It also got a great pixels to capture a nice moment.

  • Missy

Bhernard, 16 Mar 2009Í´m from Brazil and I´ll try to help you but i don´t speak ... moreHi Bhernard,
In terms of the Memory Card, it cost much cheaper here in the Philippines. We also have an alternative store which sells lot cheaper than the cheaper Memory Cards, so... Memory Cards here are cheap. :)
And oh, Maybe yourfiles (such as MP3's, pictures, ect) are stored in your phone memory that's why its mode became slow. Try to move it all to your memory card, instead of the phone memory to avoid slow connections/opening. :)

Hope I helped you.

  • yoshy

i have problem with the games and aplications, i dont have access and just gave me one message that "resource not availible" but i have access from the navegator to internet, all the games and aplications like opera mini, ebuddy is was download from the navegator ecept some games that coming with the cellphone when a bought on the store and i can play that to.

  • nasajm

i have this type of mobile phone.
when turn off it, it will turn on hard!

  • Yasi

hi.i want to buy lg kf755.but im not sure.is it a goog phone or not?is it touchscreen?i must type only with qwerly keys or not?

  • melz

It's got good battery life and seems quite reliable.. I've had this a year now with no major issues; solid!

  • Amir Reza M.

this phone has just 10 or 12MB internal Mem. can we store files recieved by bluetooth directly into memory card or not ?