LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • Clifford

This is my very first phone since 2012 and i love it
Nice audio quality, not bad for the camera

  • majid asadollahpour

I had this lovely phone for a few years and I have to say I loved it.

  • PulaMeMinteNuAre

Not my first phone but awsome :)))

  • who care

very nice not gonna lie, my first phone

  • Praveen

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2019hahaha! Me too! My first phone LG KP 500

  • Anonymous

My fIRst pHone

  • AnonD-925759

ApplePi, 25 Jan 2019My first smartphone!Not a smartphone as it has a proprietary OS.

  • Anonymous

ApplePi, 25 Jan 2019My first smartphone!hahaha! Me too!

My first smartphone!

Now here's a cookie that you *CAN'T* eat!!!

The nostalgia rushes to me as the going gets tough

  • Anonymous


  • Peter

This phone is fine. Learn to use it before you complain.

  • Luis

The worst telephone I've ever had! Touch screen was terrible, typing was a nightmare. I lost this phone at the restaurant and I even felt happy for losing it.

  • LGPhone

Therion, 19 Sep 2016Bad plastic phone? lol it was a tank phone. drop for 7 mete... moreI agree with that:)

  • solz

I had it, it was quit good, but the touch screen was horrible, u have to use force before it works.i guess it's because it's old compared to latest touch screen phone we now have..lol

  • Therion

AnonD-495556, 31 Jan 2016i had it...it was a bad plastic phone...Bad plastic phone? lol it was a tank phone. drop for 7 meter high and still work with a few scratch. this phone is like a nokia 3310. you drop it and you dont care because you know nothing will happen but only you will damage the ground

  • Anonymous

How many hours will it take for my new sansungs5230 to charge

  • AnonD-495556

i had it...it was a bad plastic phone...

  • Anonymous

Prakash devil, 12 Sep 2015I cannot see youtube videos in my lgkp500 plz.... Help me w... moreI TOO,othermodel of video klyps.