LG KP500 Cookie

LG KP500 Cookie

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  • rudrank

Emmaa123, 21 Oct 2009Its A Fab Phone. Got It In May And Still In Perfect Condition. ... morewhen my cookie fall of about 3 feet, at the top right hand side the cookie got a chip/crack.
i agreee that its very famous, my all neighbors bought one!!!!!

  • Anonymous

video converter for lg cookie please, anyone

  • Emmaa123

Its A Fab Phone.
Got It In May And Still In Perfect Condition.
Doesn't Chip Or Scratch When It Falls Unlike The iPhone.
Colours Are Great, All My Friends Have This Phone, Very Popular Choice.

I Highly Recomend This Phone For Three Reasons-
1. Its Cheap In Price,
2. It Doesnt Chip, etc When It Falls,
3. And Its Very Popular So You Will Look Cool< Lol.

I Hope You Consider Buying This Phone xx

  • Angel

Hi all i saw your comment .... so i am going to buy this cell..lets see what i would say about this?????? my hubby is going to give me this phone as a gift of carwa vrat.:)

  • bob

this phonesz gdd igot one & itsz finee =)x

  • Shahrukh

Hi Mahmud, Im from Bangladesh too! I bought this at 14000 taka cuz I bought a 2GB mmc along with it from the original showroom in Bashundhara. Unfortunately the phone doesnt OFFICIALLY support themes. It does have java support so u can install other games as well ;). Let me give u a few websites where u can find stuff:

http://www.zedge.net -- For wallpapers,ringtones etc. select ur phone from the list and it will display content suitable for ur phone screen size.

http://www.mylgcookie.com -- Register an account there and search the "Games" section of the forum and u'll find full screen games there as well.

This applies to all LG kp500 users.

  • Mahmud

Hi ! I just bouight the cell last night & this is working great ! Moreover its price is so cheap ! I bought it from Bangladesh & it cost me BDT 12600.00 only wherelese other touch phones are highly expensive than this one.

Guys.. can any one suggest me where do i get its fun stuffs like ring tone/games/themes please ?

cheers :-)

  • Anonymous

wats d price of dis cell now at kolkata??....
plzz...answer in INR..

  • maygenn

jaja, 16 Oct 2009This cookie doesn't come close to samsung star. Samsung star ... morewell maybe you just got a dud.. because its a great phne and most of my friends have it like me and it works perfectly. There's no drama, and the camera's great and so is the sound. maybe you should get anonther one b4 u start saying al of that.

  • maygenn.

I recommend this phone. I have one and its perect. its esay to work and it ha sa great sound. Its an great phone and its small and it fits in your pocket easlily. Its a very well organised phone and its very cool. HAHAHA you should soo get one, its worth the money


I have this phone in the USA and i'm using it with AT&T sim card but for some reason everything works except receiving picture and multi-media messages...can anyone help me please, how do i fix this?

  • joby

it is good phone i think most of the touch screen mobile did not have sound it have good sound and easy to use and it will get in cheap price

  • Anonymous

First touch phone i have used where the onscreen keypad can be used like a proper keypad - (ie it is large enough to use your finger and not a silly pen) it feels good to hold - not heavy an dyes I like it - i have been a nokia fan until now - this phone is great

  • julliana

I have had my phone since April 2009 and just replaced it with the same kp500..I like this phone ..but..the problem i experienced with the first one was that the touch screen stopped working and would work when it decided to...I bought another one I believe in second chances...it is a good phone. I know i have had several different phones in the past years...I like this phone

  • ROli

1 words , this is a cheep and crap phone , its touch is so crap :\ it respawns too slowwwww x(((

  • wicked

i think it's called cookie because the target market of this phone are gays and females? I'm just not so sure.

  • amz

i just want to know why this phone is called a cookie?

  • m1kaela

i just bought this phone, it's great, althought i had my doubts because of all that bad comments for it in here, but i have to say: camera and video are great, so is the battery, and it's touch it's really accurate. i loved it.

  • Husam

nice phone, anyone have a cookie must visit www.mylgcookie.com to get most of it.

  • Ady

chathu, 15 Oct 2009help me guy's kp500 or nokia 5800?How can you compare cookie with 5800?they are just totally different phones.whatever...go for 5800,it has everything